The Walking Dead – Season 3 Trailer – Oct 14 Premiere

October might be a little ways away but I can’t wait for this show, it is one of my favorites and its damn good, with this trailer it looks to be even getting more interesting. The story gets more intense, the characters more interesting, and a few new characters introduced to the TV show from the comic books. I seriously can’t wait for it, its going to be epic.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 3azeez

    video not available in your country.

  2. @3azeez – Thats strange! Its working for me and I’m on WIMD!

  3. Dave

    Looks great cant wait!!!

  4. Barni

    I really like your prepositions for TV shows. I am watching this from Season 1.

    If you didnt reviewed, take a look on show called “The Devil’s Whore”.

  5. @Barni – Thank you very much sir! I will be sure to check it out!

  6. Finally someone else who reads the books. Obviously this is different than the book but it looks awesome. I am curious to see how the Gov and Mich scene turns out. No spoilers!

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