Review: Google Nexus 7

AFter a long 3 to 4 week wait I got notification that my Nexus 7 has shipped and its on its way, as soon as I got it I even went out of my way to get it on Friday afternoon on a hot day the first day of Ramathan to start tinkering with it. I had my hunting knife ready to rip the box apart since those youtube video’s showed how impossible it was to open the box, and in this case it was so with the knife I made short work of the box, pretty much impossible to use the box again.

As soon as I took it out and started it up, they already had my email programmed into the Nexus 7, just had to sign in and everything is pretty much the same compared to any Android device. I have also been using Jellybean version of Android on my Samsung Nexus Galaxy, and I’m loving the interface so it wasn’t new to me when I was trying out the Nexus 7, Google did a great job with this software. When your handling it, it feels solid, the screen is fantastic, I didn’t try the camera yet but it isn’t a priority for me.

Just for people who are going to wonder, my home network runs on a US VPN when I switch on from the router so when I was using the Google Nexus 7 the IP was a US Based Address so I was able to play movies, magazines, and books right away. First thing I watched was Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, very quick playback, excellent video quality, the Nexus 7 handled the action scenes flawlessly and the sound is pretty good too. For a tablet that size the speaker packs a punch, louder then I thought it would be. This is also one of the more annoying things, I took the Nexus 7 with me to another location and hooked up to the wireless, at that moment, Google Movies, Magazines, and Books disappeared so they are forever gone. I don’t understand why Google can’t sort out the media issue so everyone can access the content like Apple in this case.


  • Screen Size is Perfect, you can really watch stuff on it without feeling that its too small or too big. You can take it around with you without feeling that its big as the iPad.
  • Battery life lasted about 2 days of extensive use with gaming, shows, instagram, surfing the web and all other sorts of utilities
  • The Price is really cheap compared to any iPad and yet its a powerful device with a great graphics.
  • Great for reading and writing emails, they have perfect the Gmail interface for the Nexus 7, its just so smooth and has all the Gmail features integrated into it.
  • It doesn’t feel like an oversized phone, it feels like a genuine tablet, and I have tried the Galaxy Note, and it feels very different.
  • It’s relatively light, and Asus have done a fantastic design with the design


  • Content is still somewhat lacking in comparison to Apple.
  • There is a white screen problem that I am having, I can’t adjust the contrast on it so its a bit too white and it starts off too white then 15 mins later it adjust. I contacted Google Play Support and they are sending out a replacement unit right away, so it isn’t necessarily a con in this case since they didn’t even take 10 mins to say they would send out a replacement, I was just hoping for some sort of software fix for it. But I don’t mind getting a new unit.


I love the device even though it’s lacking in content, its quick and presents all the information I want. If I’m somewhere with a wifi connection I don’t have to abuse my phone to keep me entertained, these days the amount of battery a phone has is important so I have started to abuse the Nexus 7. A lot of application work perfectly on this screen, and the Chrome Browser, Gmail and pretty much all Google Applications work better on the Nexus 7. I would recommend this tablet to anyone who is looking for something smaller then an iPad, and it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The Kindle Fire was my first experience with an Android Tablet, and it was good since it had the content to back it up, but it was majorly lacking in firepower but this machine is another story its the best hardware you can pack into it. I took a few screen shots so you can see how good the screen is, and a few of the applications.

Price: $280

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mabrook :)

    one question regarding the VPN
    how to make the whole network runs on a VPN?

  2. @Frankom – Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik! I have StrongVPN programmed into my Home Router, I just go into the admin and sign into the VPN from the router, then the whole network is connected to the VPN so everything seems like its in the US, even Netflix works at that point

  3. Great review! Do you think 7 inches for a tablet is the optimal size? I’m impressed Google is sending you a new one this soon!

  4. @Kuwaitiful – Thanks! 7 inches is perfect for on the go! You get everything you need on that screen! The ipad is great to watch movies on long haul trips but sometimes its a bit annoying to carry it around! The Google support was quick, not one word, right away they said they would send a new one over!

  5. @N – Tislam 7ajy! Exactly like that router!

  6. So what happens to the old one? :P Do you send it back?!

    And aww I’m featured in this post! Cool! :P

    Back to the main point, so it’s a bit unlike the Kindle Fire in which everything disappears once it notices that its not in the US? I think that might be a con and is definitely a great sign that I waited!

    But it is tempting in its thinness and lightness!

    Well done!

  7. @Jacqui – Yup you send it back and they give you the mailing details so you send it for free but they don’t know I’m out of town! Yes you are!! hehehe! Yeah just the three things disappear, movies, books, and magazine, and those are important things for tablets in my opinion! Still its a powerful device and easy to carry around so I still recommend it!

    Thanks! :D

  8. Yeah same here i do have my VPN from strongvpn but i dont know how to fix/edit that, anyway will read about it.

    thanks :)

  9. Yup it is! At least with the Kindle Fire they don’t disappear at all, I’m waiting to see the new Kindles launched next week enshalla :D

  10. I wasn’t sure what it is, is it a tablet, a kindle, or a large phone..! But LOVED the size and your review got me worked up lol! So mabrook man o 3alaik bel 3afya :)

  11. is there any option to use StrongVPN setting inside the tablet ? and opens the whole thing like movies and books ?

  12. @Jacqui – I know what you mean, I’m looking forward to seeing what Amazon has lined up!

    @Kal – Alah e3afeek! I know what you mean! I wanted to make sure that its clear that this isn’t a phone and its different then a Kindle! Its an All use type of thing!

    @Qortuba Valley – There are VPN settings in it just like your phone but I think it still knows the location of itself so it doesn’t unlock that way!

  13. Great Review.. one question did you try the wordepress app on it? im using the wordpress app on my samsung its much better than the wordpress app on the iPhone.. tell me what do you think bro

  14. @bokhaloodie – Honestly I haven’t yet, I will try it out and let you know for sure!

  15. congraaatz bro :D ,, im thinking of getting one .. the price and specs are unbelievably AWESOME ,, is it good for watching some shows ? and what do u use for watching shows on it ? .. by the internal memory ? or an app that you watch through it ?

  16. @bokhaloodie – Anytime!

    @crowsy – Right now just dumping shows onto it through the USB, its fantastic to watch on! Surprisingly the speaker is pretty good too! I’m just testing it out at the moment, but it seems that its going to be great for on the go!

  17. Congratulations! I’m still undecided between this one and the Galaxy Tab 7″. Nice review!

  18. Ali

    Great review. Did you use an american credit card? Because I tried everything they won’t accept my payment.

  19. @Mathai – Thanks! I would honestly go for this for now because of the vanilla software and being the latest edition!

  20. @Ali – Yeah I used a US Credit Card! Its the only way it would work!

  21. Ali


    Does it support flash? HTML5? Can you please test and let me know.

    Thank you!

  22. Nawaf

    Where did you get yours from? I want one.

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