The Magazine Pile Up

With the Nexus 7 and the spread of the iPad it got me thinking a lot about the digital magazine format. In general, I love the entire idea of digital magazines. Carrying a year’s worth of magazines all at once, the new touch interface, interactive components, downloads at your finger tips, and the lack of a paper mountain in your room that makes you look like a crazy hoarder because I don’t want to throw them away. For comic books it worked out this way for me, I read them constantly have hundreds of them on my Galaxy Nexus, iPad, and any other device that Comixology downloads to. I want this to be the future of magazines, well I think.

I say “I think” because I have a secret. Aside from a few magazines that I have to read the day they arrive, I tend to forget about the other magazines because they’re not piling up in my face, filling me with guilt for buying these things and not reading them. And for all the conveniences tablets provide, casually thumbing through a magazine on your iPad still isn’t quite as casual as it is with a paper copy. Am I the only one who has an even bigger backlog of magazine reading thanks to the advent of the Apple & Android Devices? Anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of Next Issue?

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  1. I’m definately a ‘crazy horder’ lol, but ever since using Zinio (6 months before the iPad came out) and even today I have all my subscriptions with me wherever I am. I still buy paper books, but magazines are no longer arriving in my post box – apart from industry ones that is. I hord those in my office at work.

  2. @BuYousef – See thats my problem! I need paper! The feel is different and I feel guilty leaving them there unread! Now there is a huge back log on my Kindle & iPad and I’m not bothered to read any of them!

  3. I have the same problem.. A year ago I subscribed with a couple of magazines and after a while I stopped reading them the moment they arrive they piled up and when my subscription ended I just stopped renewing it because I felt as if I was wasting money.

  4. @Jacqui – Yeah, its pretty much the case! I feel like I’m wasting money for no reason! The feel of paper is totally different!

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