ZAIN Spam Messages

The one thing that I loved about GMail from day one is we stopped getting spam, with yahoo it was getting bad and with hotmail it was basically garbage getting dumped on you. With Google they caught 99.99982% of all the spam that came out. But when it comes to text messages we get so many random text from shopping extravaganzas to nut case candidates to the randomest things, this is all on my Zain lines. I don’t use text messages as much as used to but seriously they are a major pain with all these spam texts that we get from 88990, 99077, and so many other random numbers, and you are charged for receiving them even when you are abroad. As we were complaining online and included Zain Kuwait in the Twitter conversation they let us know that we could unsubscribe from the Ads via the above text actions but there is a bit of skepticism, so hopefully we can get out of it but lets see for how long. There is no laws regulating how cell phone companies can use our numbers and no real ways for them to check, we are left uninformed of what we can do to protect ourselves from being spammed but this is a decent step in the right direction and lets see how long it will last without ads.

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  1. it’s very annoying but i’m not trying this deactivation text,, afraid zain will charge for that!

  2. Al-Marzouq

    Apart from the fact that it is the most annoying thing receiving those messages, especially if you are waiting for an important one. It is the phone companies that share ur information with these ad campaigns. in Europe you get to choose wether they can share your info including email with third party companies, but in Kuwait no such laws exists, and seriously even if they existed do we think it was going to stop.

    I blame all cell companies if they claim its not them and they are being sent through the internet, how come it does not happen else where?

    Sorry needed to vent my fasting frustration out!

  3. Nasser Alomran

    A bunch of lies. I worked for Zain IT for years, and I assure you 100% that it is the VAS technical team working for the networks, along with the IT operations team, they send all the advertisments in 10,000 SMS batches to specific demographics. Thank got I resigned from the shitty telecom that has nothing but to rip people off their money, it has all ways been the rule in Zain, where is the money?!

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