Blackberry – Its Final Days

It looks like the end was sooner then I expected, my BB doesn’t even ding anymore, no more group messages no more random questions people. Even the people who have BB left answer me 6 to 24 hours later, never instantly like they used to. My Blackberry 9900 is still functional without any major issues, a few slow downs here and there but overall the thing is working.

My main reason for keeping the BB going was because of “The Diwaniya” Group, the one group that is always beeping and funny things were said. But now it seems like a deserted desert and I’m the last one holding down the fort. People had to choose which phone they wanted and with the arrival of the amazing Samsung SIII it has accelerated the death of BB. Even with their new release of the OS and any great hardware they have in mind, I think its too little too late, people have moved on, they either chose to join the Android Camp or the Apple Camp. It was good while it lasted and I have my BB 9900 1 year to this date but now no one is there, not worth keeping it anymore, from the 200+ contacts and always active BBM down to 30 people and only 6 people who only use it, its not worth keeping it going. I’m probably going to drop it in a couple of weeks.

Everyone is on WhatApp, I’m not on it yet but I will join it later. From what I have seen its not that good, but everyone is on that platform.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It was just a matter of time my friend.

    R.I.P BlackBerry, you stood strong but now there is stronger. I abandoned BB a few months back.

  2. dude,, BBM is from drug dealers
    chime in whatsapp already

  3. I’m not a BB user for 2 years now, I tried WhatsApp for a while but hated how people using it! So, no BBM, no WhatsApp… yeah I know…!

  4. Dave

    What phone are you using or going to use to replace it???

  5. kw8can

    If you dont like whatsapp try using the version they got at xda its called whatsapp plus 10 times better then the regular whatsapp from the play store .

  6. @Kuwaitiful – Yeah, I remember when you let it go! Nobody is on BBM anymore!

    @vampire – Looooool!

    @Amu – LOL

    @Kal – LOL! U r totally out of it! hahaha

    @Dave – I already use my Google Galaxy Nexus, I always carried two phones, but for instant msging it was BBM

    @kw8can – Thanks! I will be sure to check it out! Sounds interesting!

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  8. LOL Blackberry is dead I am cancelling my subscription this month too because I just don’t use it anymore at all!

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