Kuwait Blogs Suck

Ok someone called me and told me to check this blog and I thought it was hilarious. A man or woman is criticizing blogs, and in this case I think its a man, and I was one of the targets and honestly I found the post to be hilarious. It’s been a while since we have had a blog that roughs up the water and takes shot at people, some are ligitimate and some are not. In my case I’m getting called out for my reviews: “zdistrict’s Reviews Mean Nothing

Honestly I just love movies so much and I’m easily entertained, I take movies for what they are entertainment, some suck and some are fun, and the ones that really suck I don’t even bother writing a review about them. But he does have a valid point, some times I need to write about these crappy movies too but then again I just don’t bother with them. Still a funny post by KuwaitBlogsSuck!

You can check out this blog here: KuwaitBlogsSuck

Hahaha Mark got called out too, but his were on his pictures. Seriously this blog might be offensive to some people but some parts are pretty funny even if the facts aren’t completely true. This is going to be interesting, you have to love a bit of contreversy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I did find the post on your reviews to be pretty funny, but when it came to the post about Mark was pretty inaccurate. He assumes that Mark ends up keeping everything he reviews!

  2. @Patrick – Thats what I mean about the inaccurate details, if he did get anything of those things I would have stolen them! But he does have decent camera gear and he could at least use that for his pics instead of being lazy! lol

    But then again the reviews are a matter of taste and some people agree with me and some don’t! Still that post was very funny!

  3. lol I’m not lazy it’s just by the time I develop the pictures it’s old news and not worth sharing on the blog anymore. Instagram is right now.

  4. @Mark – Don’t lie! Your being lazy, just connect and post write away! hahahahaha! Still it was funny, people think your a millionaire with free gear! hahaha

  5. Farooq

    Haters gonna hate no matter what we do..Z District rocks..love your blogs :)

  6. alfa_f

    Keep it classy, Marzouq!!!

  7. @Farooq – Thanks man!

    @alfa_f – Looool!

    @kuwait blogs suck – Anytime! Honestly it was too funny, I just had to write about it!

  8. Haha I like that there’s a blog critic around here. I hope it stays objective and humorous rather than just pointing out typos and grammatical mistakes.

    ps. Your movie reviews suck man! looool!

  9. @Mathai – My reviews are king! hahahaha! True if it stays humorous I would want this blog to stay around! Keeping it fresh is gonna be hard! hahaha

  10. Don

    Yeah her reviews are somewhat true and funny as hell. But its also good to get feed back to know what to improve on. Your site is still great…and as always keep up the awsome blog. :)

  11. @Don – Will do! Its entertaining what she is doing! I need to be a bit more aggressive on a few things, but then again I’m somewhat lazy! lol

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