Thundercats – Cancelled???!??

A day after TNI ran a story about ThunderCats still possibly being on the loose, it now appears that the cage doors have slammed shut on this cartoon reboot. The show’s art director, Dan Norton, has claimed the following on Facebook: “Let me just say, nobody is working on TCats. It would take years to get it back on tv if we started today. Draw your own conclusion.”

The conclusion everybody seems to be drawing? That ThunderCats’ second life is over. While the news has yet to be confirmed by an official press release, Norton’s statement would seem fairly telling. However, others optimistically believe that the show is going forward without Norton and some staff since neither Bandai nor Cartoon Network has officially acknowledged a cancellation (and, in fact, the last official comment involved trying to work the show into Cartoon Network’s schedule).

Link: Tomopop

Please No!! Come on, I was so happy they brought back an 80s cartoon and did it so well. We all grew up watching it and loving it, and we still love it even when the cartoon is a bit childish from the 80s, it carried a spirit and heroism that we could relate to. What I loved about the new animation is that they kept the spirit of the original animation yet they made the story more complex and did an amazing job of telling, more character development and depth, and a lot of morality was brought into it, something that I wasn’t expecting. The end of the season was so good I couldn’t wait for season 2, but it seems that no anouncement has been made and it was left of the Cartoon Network line up, please bring it back, we love the show.

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  1. They didn’t bring back an 80s cartoon. They remade an 80s cartoon into something that was pretty horrible. They should just bring back the original in HD.

  2. jaguar knee

    I loved that show.. I remember I saw a trailer for season 2 !!

  3. I don’t want to believe this bit of news, I for one loved Thundercats and followed it throughout its entire season it was well worth the reboot.

    Enshalla it ends up being brought back :s

  4. Lazilae

    To be honest, The last episod I downloaded was 8 then I totaly lost interest as the series is getting worse on every episod ! I tried hard getting my self into liking it, But it’s No way near to the level of the classic 80’s depth of story, characters etc .

  5. Mohammad

    I guess we should never let our self hooked up to an american show you never know when they will say boom cancelled ! better go with the japan anime

  6. I grew watching the 80s version and I enjoyed watching the remake. The new Thundercats had great writing and animation. It was more character-driven than the original series. The Cartoon Network hardly ever advertise the show and gave it a poor time-slot, then they pulled it from the air after a few airings. I happened to stumble upon it earlier this year on a Saturday morning. I had know idea that CN had started airing the final half of the season.

    CN is a horrible network to begin with, Warner Bros. should find a new home for the Thundercats.

  7. Dave

    I’m glad the reboot got the axe; the thing was just an eyesore.

    No character development, horridly pathetic writing, god awful filler episodes, utter lack of originality (saw more Star Wars and Dark Crystal than I did Thundercats) and rehashed storylines.

    It just struck me as bad fanfiction that pales in comparrison to the glory that was the original Series.

  8. James

    I think they did a good job with the reboot, making an interesting story arc. I wish they’d kept it up.

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