Solo Riding

This Friday I had only had one bike to ride which is the lovely Ducati 1098s, the Diavel took its own little adventure in preparation for another Epic trip. Getting on the bike is a must every week, and I love taking advantage of the empty roads. This was one of the rare times that I was riding solo, I was used to it in the early years of riding in Kuwait but I got used to riding with a few people every weekend but this time around their machines were not available for the outing.

I took the sea side right after getting a quick drink at Starbucks like usual, and it was a bit humid but just as long as you are riding the weather isn’t too bad. Its still a mix of cool and hot, and the humidity doesn’t help. When it gets cooler I know there are going to be a lot more bikers on the road. The funny part is seeing the people out driving with their top down enjoying their convertibles and I can’t blame them, its just too nice to stay indoors.

Since this was the first time in a while that I ride solo, I was riding a bit more aggressively then usual, I just wanted to push myself a bit and try a few things out during the ride and I have really missed riding the 1098s, when its summer you can’t really ride that bike, it just gets too hot in the wrong places. But I remembered why I loved riding it, it sends chills down my spine when flying around the corners, a rush like no other.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @essa k alessa – Hahaha! Awesome! That movie was Bad Ass! They made more biker movies back in the day!

  2. Akbar

    Cool post, what was your top speed? Which bike do you love among these two? Any wheeling attempts? In atari if you wheeled you got bonus points remember? Forgot the name of that game and this solo post also reminded me of road rash 2.0

  3. @Akbar – Hahaha! Now Road Rash was old school! I never try to wheelie really, it just happens when I push the bike hard! Honestly never looked down to see my speed, I just keep on pushing the bike and see how I feel! You can’t really have a favorite, its about how you feel about riding, thats how you choose the machine!

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