Cross UAE & Oman

This will probably be one of the most intense rides I will ever take, we have been planning this for over three months, but the real planning started about a month back. We got our bikes prepped, we were initially supposed to be 6 guys but due to work conflicts we dropped down to 4 guys on this little adventure.

The Machines On This Trip

  • 1 Diavel Carbon
  • 2 Diavels
  • 1 Monster SR2

I have done some long distance traveling before but not in the Middle East so this is going to be a new one. We are as preparred as can be at this point. I mapped out everything on Google Maps and ported it to my Garmin Device which is mounted to the left side of my handle bar. I mapped out our routes exactly, calculated what we needed and the distances between stops and the gas stations in the vicinity and some areas don’t have gas stations so we needed to plan for that.

I have to thank Tristar for all their support in setting this up. We know its the beginning of riding season but they took our bikes serviced them, and even recommended changes for a long trip. I got a rear bag mounted to the back of the Diavel which doesn’t look too bad in my Opinion. I changed out my rear tire since it was a little abused so I had to ride it out a bit before taking it to UAE. They also recommended a transportation company for us since we didn’t want to ride through Saudi, so they were very helpful getting this trip off the ground.

Right now all our bikes are waiting for us in a storage area close to Jebel Ali. We get there, we ride them to Dubai and then the 1000 KM+ adventure begins.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Akbar

    Safe trip, hope you have a great time. Already waiting r the photos and post details of your adventure.

  2. Adsonic

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same trip, where you ride on a mountain road and drive in and out across the boarders. Would love to hear how it goes.
    Ride hard and stay safe,

  3. Don

    Hope everything goes well with your trip. Wondering whats wrong with going through Saudi? I had a friend that drove from Kuwait to Dubai and he went through Saudi with no problems.

  4. hamad

    Bil salamaa, please share photos of this adventure.

  5. Allah yi7fathkom bro. Have a kickass trip!

  6. mohammed

    Hi, i wish u a very pleasant trip, and i hope u will have a wonderful time. Im planning to do a trip like the one yours. Will u post anymore info in the future ,like the shipping company, hotels visited and ur exact route etc.? Again thank u for the wonderful post and i wish u a safe and wonderful journey. Thanks

  7. @Akbar – Thanks! Much appreciated! will have the pics up when I’m back!

    @cooldude – Thank you very much!

    @Adsonic – Hala Abdulla! It was a hell of an adventure! will keep you posted about what we had to do and how we planned it!

    @Don – The main concern was safety in Saudi, then the quality of the fuel, and then that it was a very boring ride, just straight lines, nothing fun!

    @vampire – Tislam!

    @hamad – Photos shall be shared!

    @Khalid – Tislam! Alah ya7futh el Jamee3!!

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