How Long Does A Helmet Last & What Happens When You Drop It?

Using The Helmet:

A Helmet has an average of 5 to 6 year shelf life from the day its manufactured, with about 3.5 to 5 years of use. The helmet is single use protective gear, one impact it will protect your head and thats it, that is what it is supposed to do. It has a hard outer shell, impact lining, foam, and then the padding. The foam starts to lose it’s elasticity and starts to become a bit brittle after the four year mark but it depends on the manufacturer. As an example Arai stop’s servicing helmets after 7 years from date of manufacturing, so they are very confident of their helmets and they are one of the best.

Personally I tend to replace my helmet every three and half years but then again I have more then one helmet since there are a lot of cool helmets out there.

A Dropped Helmet:

As I mentioned Helmets are a one time impact time of product, one time and then buy a new one. In reality dropping it off a chair or a low high won’t do anything but cosmetic damage. I have recently dropped my Scorpion Helmet and the rear wing cracked but the helmet seems intact, and it fell off my bike onto the asphalt. It also depends on how well the helmet was constructed, keep in mind that it was designed for an impact with your head inside of it, so if it falls on its own it isn’t too bad. But you can not guarantee then integrity structure without having the helmet xrayed by an expert. If you can’t then it isn’t worth the risk since its supposed to be protecting your head your better off just getting a new one.

So after what the Scorpion has been through, I will be retiring it and using my other helmets at this stage.

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  1. @vampire – Thanks! I keep old helmets but I don’t wear them anymore! lol

  2. “LOVED” that write up. Can you help me buy a good used Diavel? I’ve been looking around but I keep getting these “over loaded” pieces, so the prices range from 6500 -7000. I’m looking for something purely stock.

    Thx Marzouk

  3. @Tomas – Hey Tomas, the problem now is that you are picking he in season, everyone wants a bike now and they know it. In the summer some were selling for 4500 which was manageable, the only way is to keep an eye out for them, they are all in he 6000 KD range!

  4. SD

    i have no clue when it comes to bikes or helmets or whatever, long story short , i wanna buy a helmet for my bro as a b-day gift , he just got a harley , so where do i start :$ ?

    – brand suggestions ?
    – where ?
    – price range ?
    – what do i hve to look for ?

     advice much aporeciated

  5. @SD – R u talking in Kuwait or else where?

  6. SD

    yup in Kuwait

  7. @SD – You have three real options in Kuwait, one is Tristar where you can find a nice range of Arai, depending on the type of helmet some are around 80 KD ranging to 250 KD. Another location is Zed Motors where you can find some nice helmets such as Bell, and Caberg which range from 50 to 150 KD. Let me know if you need any other help!

  8. SD

    Thank You so so so much Marzouq ! :)
    i’ll go check them out soon, o etha twahagt i’ll let u know :p lol

  9. @SD – Sure no problem! Good luck, and a helmet is an excellent gift!

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