Ariel Atom 3.5

Every man should drive or at least ride in this car in his life time. There is just a an insane thrill when it accelerates and it is a bundle of fun on the road. The Ariel Atom is known for being a very fun car to drive, and now with these improvements they have just modernized it a bit and given the engine a nice bump.

This crazy-fast ride still has the 2.0L 245 hp engine found in the Atom 3 but there’s now a supercharged variant with 310hp. It has projector headlamps, LED signals, a stiffer chassis and improved suspension. I especially like the modified lights, it looks clean, and I bet its a ton of fun on the road.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. and i thought there won’t be any cushion to improve the Ariel Atom!

    i’ve driven an SST with hayabusa engine in Yas Marina circuit,, it was the best thing i did in my life, seriously. and would love to try out the atom but only on a race track.

    how i wish we have one here :(

  2. @vampire – I know exactly what you mean! The SST was amazing! And yes I wish we had a Race track too! I would be going there very often!

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