The Walking Dead – Epic Show

This show is in it’s third season, and it has received a lot of well deserved praise, and nothing has been able to match it on the zombie type of shows. The third season has turned out to be even better then the first and second season combined. I watch a lot of shows one of the few shows that have moved me is 24, and now after this past week’s episode I almost shed a tear, it was intense. This show is damn good and if you aren’t watching it then you are really missing out, I love a good scare a night.

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  1. Agreed, I was just losing faith in this show. It was going downhill ever since the beginning of the second season. This season so far looks like the best of the bunch. Hope it continues on this high note

  2. @N – I agree with you 100% I think season 2 was just getting us into the characters but was a little bit too much drama! But this season has been one amazing episode after another!

  3. Don

    I have been watching since day one, and I think it is great! Although I did Forward through the baby scene..almost seems to be getting a little to dramatic…

  4. @Don – I loved that part! It was over the top insane, it was an extreme attitude! lol

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