World War Z – Trailer

The trailer is finally out after so many delays, I loved the book from Max Brooks World War Z, but damn! This movie looks AWESOME, the zombies aren’t the slow moving dumb kind but scary is hell and it looks like a world crisis of epic proportions, I hope they do the book justice. Can’t wait to see this movie.

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  1. Don

    Looks awesome..kind of reminds me of what we didnt see in the Walking Dead, how it started and then took over all the people.

  2. MATA

    Israeli propaganda in the book. Again, trying to make Israel more relevant to people one movie at a time.

  3. @Don – It was insane as a trailer! I can’t imagine how it will turn out!

    @vampire – A long wait but worth it!

    @MATA – Really? I read the book but it didn’t feel that way, Israel is there but not really the center of it.

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