Gone In 20 Minutes – Nexus 4

That’s just insane, the phone just disappeared, both the 8 GB & 16 GB version, within 20 minutes.

I would expect Google to expect a large amount of order and manage their stock, but it sold out across the globe. And they screwed us who were waiting on the schedule since they said it wold open 9 am PST but turns out it opened up even earlier and was gone right away.

Now it is either we wait for Google to release more units or go onto Ebay which some sellers are selling the phone for $200 over the $350 original tag price.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. bob

    just out of curiousity how do u have a us credit card

  2. jeslee

    im waitin for a 32gb version to come out. hopefully by around april 2013

  3. @jeslee I think they would do it like last time where they only released 32gb version for CDMA providers like Verizon. I hope for the 32 as well but really I haven’t even filled my 16gb so far so it might not be worth based on my needs. Take that Apple!

  4. Essa K Alessa

    hatha us version is it unlocked oo can it work on GSM sim cards ??

  5. Ray

    The stock did not finish at the first hour itself. They were releasing it in specific time intervals. I could see add to cart option even at 10pm Kuwait Time, but only after massive number of page refreshes. Early morning I checked again and it shows “SOLD OUT”.

  6. @bob – Got it while I was in the states, and kept it since then!

    @jeslee – I’m ok with 16 GB, no need for anything else since I store much music! Mostly pics and 16GB is more then enough!

    @Salem – Thats just very annoying! I wish they just had the 32GB from the beginning!

    @Essa K Alessa – Yup! Works here no problem!

    @Ray – That is just freaking annoying! I kept refreshing over an hour with out any hope of getting anything bought right away! Now lets see what we can get another batch!

  7. Barni

    I dont get you guys :/ How you have access to PlayStore if you are not located in US & on some of Europe countries where PlayStore is present?

  8. Damn! I didn’t have much hopes of getting it right away. I guess I’ll wait a couple of months till the Christmas shopping season is over.

    @Barni: you can use a proxy or VPN to get a US IP address and then when you access the play store you’ll find US specific products.

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