Baladiya Bans Hot Dogs

Now this is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have seen done yet. First the hot dogs disappeared from Sultan Center then a few months later they disappeared from Lulu Hypermarket, I just assumed they were running out of stock. Then summer came and I was looking forward to bbqing at the beach and hotdogs are always at the top of the mix, but again nothing was there. I thought it was just a late stock delivery. The brands I always loved picking up was Oscar Mayers & Ball Park Franks, they were so damn good and really hit the spot. After a little inquiry it turns out that the Baladiya stopped them because the packets didn’t have Halal stamps on them, I thought that was ridiculous. They were beef and this is an american import, they can verify the process but why would they put a halal stamp on the packet. The amount they import to the Middle East is less then 3% of what they sell and to them its no loss if they stopped selling them here so they didn’t make that stamp.

They have been selling these hot dogs in Kuwait for a good four years, the Oscar Mayer & Ball Park Franks, not including a few other brands. Why did Baladiya all of a sudden decide to have these stamps on them, sometimes they really baffle me as to their priorities. I agree that they should check the quality of the hot dogs and expiration, these are important details but really? You just thought the stamp would make it more beef. In this case we only have Khazzan and Americana as options for hot dogs and to be honest they tasted horrible, their quality is not good at all in comparison to those who make HQ Hotdogs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SD

    r u serious? BAN HOT DOGS…… lol i could understand when people would buy alchol for expensive prices out here but noww hahaha guess id be buying beef hot dogs

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  3. cartman-kw

    Dear, You know that halal means a lot more than just beef? for example it should be slaughtered the islamic way, it should also be separated and processed in different machines than those used to process not-halal meats and products.
    So, you should be happy someone is looking out for you. the efforts the Baladiya is taking is in the right direction.

  4. Mr. Anonymous

    Could it be the case that the hot dogs are NOT halal? you mentioned that “The amount they import~’export’ to the Middle East is less then 3% of what they sell”, so I see you’re point that they might not care about supplying to the middle east if it was a small market for them. But using the same logic, could it be the case that they don’t care about producing halal hotdogs (since they have to change their production operations to meet halal meat requirements such as the slaughtering process) and thus their meat is non-halal?

    To be honest, even if it had halal stamp on it, this might not be enough… I remember that a Halal grocery store owner in the US told me once that some halal stamps mean that the meat in not pork but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the meat was actually slaughtered according to the islamic laws. He talked about specific types of halal certifications in the US that are trusted, some of which specifically say that the animals are hand slaughtered according to islamic laws.

    I hope you find a good alternative that is both Halal and delecious since you seem to like BBQing :)

  5. thank God i’m only using americana and doux so i will not miss anything haahaahaa

  6. @cartman-kw
    any food product should be halal b4 selling it in kuwait,, so how the hell these dogs were sold for 4 years here?

    the issue is a stamp only,, what dealers do is stick a white sticker with arabic description and “halal” word.

    in this case,, baladeya didn’t like the dealer,, it’s that simple!

  7. Fahad

    NOOO!!!! i love ballpark!

  8. A

    Fact: many meat products / food products in Kuwait to not comply with the islamic requirements.

    This does not mean to ban products, instead consumers should be familiarized with the source of the product, and should clearly state if it is halal or not. A regulatory body should ensure that all statements are correct and it is the consumers choice to go with the Halal or Non-Halal products.

    So far in Kuwait the general understanding is that the meat products are 100% Halal.

  9. NA

    Now that we lost our 2 best hotdog brands in Kuwait, does anyone have any recommendations?
    Lebanese, South African & Filipino hotdogs are not barbeque material.
    Doux, Sadiya & Naif are simply unbearable..
    Khazan & Americana are “ok” if nothing else is available..
    But any other recommendations?

  10. lfcq8

    i bought ball park hotdogs less then a week ago from sultan

  11. Al-Marzouq

    i just realised something after reading the last 2 lines in the article… maybe the owners or khazzan and especially americana r aching for more cash income hence the ban lol… u never know some ppl do have that power..

  12. @SD – Yeah, its just ridiculous, it seems that someone didn’t get paid their “fees” so they banned it!

    @cartman-kw – That isn’t an effort from Baladiya and secondly they do not perform just halal checks, they just started that recently. Their job is to check the quality and the expiration, in a timely manner, keyword here is timely. They did bring halal verified meat but the Baladiya didn’t bring them in, and they just left it. And another thing is they are the most corrupt branch of the government, so I don’t think they banned it for the goodness of the community.

    @Mr. Anonymous – To be honest it is not about being Halal or not, in reality when you travel, or at least for myself, I know that I eat meat that isn’t killed in the Islamic way, but I know its Halal to do so. This is the case in this situation as well, you are not eating pork, but at least you should have the choice of meats to choose from. Why was just recently banned and why only in Kuwait, no Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, or UAE.

    @vampire – Well said, its because the Baladiya didn’t like the dealers, and weren’t getting a cut of it, I’m tired of this crap! We get quality food but because Baladiya doesn’t get a cut they screw things up! Which is frustrating!

    @Fahad – Me too!

    @Mathai – Lol! I’m not sure how that happened, but this is a closed product and known for their beef products in the US!

    @A – Very well said, a lot business produce meat in the non-Halal format, but they are still beef and chicken and people still eat it. A large amount of Chicken in Kuwait is from Brazil but I don’t think all of them are Halal. In this case it isn’t about Halal or not, its about what is entering their pockets!

    @NA – None that I have tried, they have been horrible!

    @lfcq8 – Ok! I’m gonna go check it out!

    @Al-Marzouq – I don’t think they are really affected by the hot dog sales, so don’t they were the ones pushing it to happen! And it was different brands from different suppliers!

  13. @cartman-kw First I don’t care what the Baladiya is doing cos those guys are messed up and I’m not thankful for their semi-seasonal effort! Second let’s talk about the meaning of Halal. Halal means that it’s edible by Muslims (beef/lamb/fish..), it doesn’t mean it HAS to be slaughtered the Islamic way (of course there are some other exclusions like it’s not been killed by other animals, or died of sickness… and those aren’t halal UNLESS you have to eat it or you’re going to die!) FYI, you CAN eat beef/lamb that’s not been slaughtered the Islamic way by just saying: “Bessmi-ellah” “In the name of God” why? What’s the first thing you say when you slay a lamb for instance? Bessmi-ellah. Again, there are some few things to put in mind but they’re not the main points in here.
    Islam means an easy and better life, not a harsh and worst life.

  14. Sultan Center

    The Ball Park Beef Franks are actually available in TSC Sultan Centers Salmiya, Sharq, Hawally, Kout and Shaab.

  15. Sultan Center

    The Ball Park Beef Franks are actually available at TSC Sultan Centers Salmiya, Sharq, Hawally, Kout and Shaab.

  16. @Kal -Thank you very much sir! What you said is common sense and exactly what I am talking aobut!

    @Sultan Center – Thanks! I will be sure to check it out, why were you guys out of it for so long, for months you guys didn’t have it, what changed?

  17. Longfire

    :O @sultan Center YES i can finally enjoy hotdogs again thatnks for bringing this up Marzouq

  18. @Longfire – Anytime! I’m going to go check it out myself! I love BBQing, and hot dogs are a must!

  19. 3azeez

    You do know that baladiya does not really care about the halal stamp? This is just an attempt to save face for the importer of these hotdogs that happened to contain pork.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if the importer is alsultan who has beard and play religious yet sells alcohol in lebanon.

  20. NA

    Just came back from Sultan Hawally & Shaab, nothing there..
    I will check out Souq Sharq later today & update you.

  21. VS

    still available in Sultan Salmiya. Saw dese last night.

  22. @3azeez – Thank you very much! Well said!

    @NA – Souq Sharq had some! And yes I bought them all! lol

    @B’s Sanctuary – Looool!

    @VS – Nice! Thanks!

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