Canon EOS M to G15

I’m a huge Canon fan and I have been using my Canon G12 for a few years now and it was a decent upgrade from the G11. I got the G1X which was supposed to be the top of the line monster from the G-line but it didn’t hold up to my expectations. The Macro distance was honestly disapointing, its fast but not as fast as the G12 feels so I didn’t use it as much. When I heard about the EOS M I was excited, a Camera from Canon that is the size of the point and shoot but with mountable lenses, and with an adapter you can use the Canon Lenses I have and that is what appealed to me.

After reading a few reviews they said that sometimes it took up to a minute for it to focus depending on the lens. That is a disaster, the first great mirrorless Camera from Canon and everything on paper said they got it right but if it can’t focus quickly then it would be pointless.

Now the G15 is here, and it is the perfect camera for my needs, fast focus, excellent macro, bulky and slightly smaller so its the perfect fit. A faster process so it takes better pictures, the perfect camera for my needs. Then there is the price, the G15 is $500 and the Canon EOS M is $850 and another $200 for the lens adapter to use the DSLR Lens on the Mirrorless camera. I was willing to spend $1000 for a point and shoot but it has to perform at that price, but in this instance the G15 wins on both price and performance.

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  1. Luka

    I share your opinion regarding the G12 and now the G15. I have been using the G series from their start (currently using G12) and have had some time with the Olympus PEN PL3 and similar devices but the winner was always (and always will be) – G series. The best allrounder for advanced users – for sure.

  2. Let us what you think after using it, especially with ease and speed of use, quality of night pictures, macro and long distance.

    I’ve never used a DSLR, but I’m a keen point and shoot fan. It would be nice to get a real hands-on review of it.

  3. @Luka – Same here! I always go back to the G12, if its not a DSLR then I was using the G12 but it took a hit but luckily I have the G15 on the way and I hope it lives up the quality of the series!

    @Buzfairy – I will keep you posted, gonna test it out in all situations to give it a full work out! Night shots and day shots and other uses as well!

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