My Canon G12 Bit The Dust

This is one of the final hits the G12 has taken and it looks like it was the last one. Canon G12 Series is heavy duty and can take a beating, but the other day I forgot that I left it on my bike jacket and pulled the jacket out of the car. It took a nasty fall onto concrete and I thought it wouldn’t work, but it worked fine but then it kept getting worse, the screen would only work if I pressed hard and took a picture, if I didn’t press on it the picture would be distorted too. I’m honestly very annoyed that I was careless, I have had this camera for so long and it has been best all round point and shoot I have ever had, and even now that I’m getting the G15 I still wanted to keep using the G12, I might be tempted to pick up a used one just because it really is that good of a camera. My G11 went out almost the same way so its frustrating to see these cameras just sitting there and the only place that fixes them is in the US and no where else.

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  1. Don

    Well atleast you used it..Mark has cameras and used his ipone for pictures…hahaha

  2. I had a G10 when it first came out. Kept it in the cupboard for so long I forgot I had it. Kinda enjoy using my D7000, but at leastI wont mind having the g10 in the car the whole time.

    BTW, how about you try some low – light photography and give us a good review on the cam + a comparison :P
    Is it worth the upgrade?

  3. @Don – Lool! Very True! I abused the hell out of it! It had a good run!

    @waleed – Its probably the best advance featured point and shoot out in the market!

    @Dude – I am doing some low light photography testing this week and I will keep everyone posted! With all the details!

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