What I’m Reading?

The books I’m reading these days have nothing to do with each other and sometimes I just really want to read a book so I do. A long time ago I thought that I couldn’t read multiple books at one time, thinking that I can’t keep up with the story but turns out I just pick up where I left off, its surprisingly easy so now I do it more often, and this I finish more books then I would have before. This is the list of books that are currently on my reading pile.

Inside Apple – Adam Lashinsky

  • Its not the Steve autobiography, and I thought it would take a more aggressive stand point, but honestly its an excellent look at Apple from a Forbes writer and very relevant. Books like these have to be read in the moment or a year later it would be dated, and its a pretty fun read since its like getting an inside view of Apple even though it is still so damn secretive.

The Jedi Path

  • This book is for any Star Wars nut, so much information packed into it, you feel like your training to be a Jedi.

Ninja – John Man

  • A Book about Ninjas, just couldn’t get any cooler, the original spies

007 Carte Blanche – Jeffery Deaver

  • I have had it for some time, but jumped right into it after watching 007 Skyfall, can’t get enough of Bond, and the books never disappoint.

Nerd Do Well – Simon Pegg

  • I’m taking this read at an easy pace, its a funny book about the life of Simon Pegg, he is a British Actor/Comedian, I do enjoy his movies.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sauod

    Read A Game Of Thrones. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  2. @Sauod – I want to but I don’t want it ruining the TV Show! I’m afraid it won’t be as good!

  3. joe

    Committee of 300

    Confessions of an Economic Hitman to your list

    You would find them most beneficial

  4. @joe – I will check out Committee of 300, Confessions of an Economic Hitman I read a long way back, now any time I see a project backed by the IMF or World Bank I think of conspiracies!

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