On The IV

I’m not one to get sick easily or even usually get sick, the flu doesn’t last more then two days with me, even with food poisoning I have handled it differently but this is something that took me down and kept me home for more then 5 days. Being stationary at home for five days didn’t stop work from coming home, too many things to do and a few people on vacation but still had some things piling up that needed to get done.

I caught a stomach virus from someone and the tough thing about it is that the doctor wasn’t sure which type was it, and they gave me a certain type of antibiotic and pain medication, worked for a few hours then later in the evening turning to an insane amount of pain which resulted in a hospital visit. After leaving the hospital at dawn, due to the recommendations of a friend I read the Neuropathy Relief Guide and bought some medication from there which I must say worked quite well.  I have to say that even Mubarak Hospital is pretty well equipped and they have good people but they are overwhelmed. The recovery process is slow as hell and still recovering, the bathroom became my second home, and barely functional the first few days of the week. I didn’t even bother staying in communication online, wasn’t that coherent either, was just too exhausted.

Luckily I managed to catch up on a ton of tv shows, a ridiculous amount, but I know that work piled up for me when I get and I’m not fully recovered but still gotta to go in. The first thing I tried was a few different foods to see if my stomach had any disagreements but luckily two tests were successful but I’m not going to push my luck at all.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. don

    Hope everything gets better!

  2. Akbar

    Get well soon and take it slow n easy . Everything else can wait including work. Get back to your 100% then tame the work beast else you run the risk of virus overtaking your system again. Get well soon.

  3. سلامات وما تشوف شر يالغالي،، اجر وعافية

  4. Salamat!

    I never had a stomach virus but can imagine how painful that is. At least to got to catch up with some stuff. Piles or work are waiting for you.

  5. Fakhry

    Get Well Soon ! All the best ..Sure u will recover soon.

  6. R SpiRiT

    Get Well Soon Bro

    Ma Tshoof Shar

  7. Irine

    Wish you all the best ! Take care. :)

  8. salamat man o ajer o 3afya inshallah!

  9. Salamat Dude Ma Etshof shar!

    Look on the bright side at least you got to shed some weight while being sick with the stomache flu hehe (yes I am that mean :P) And be a couch potato as much as you want, you deserve some down time!

  10. Salamat o Kha6ak essew! Ajer o 3afya Bro!

  11. 3azeez

    That’s not stomach virus. It could be something related with water quality. Me, my parents and almost all my family members catch it every once in a while. Doctors at family care centres (moustawsif) always misdiagnose it for some reason. However in ERs at hospitals such as Ameri and the rest they are fully aware of it and give u the correct treatment for it.

    I am surprised that the hospitals dont contact EPA regarding this kind of outbreaks.

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