Figs – Decent But Not What I Expected

I went to Figs for the first time in my life in November of 2011 with my wife, it seems it was a famous pizza place for most people who studied in Boston, it held a dear memory and so I tried it out and the pizza was pretty good. So when going to Figs at 360 Mall I was expecting the same taste, I honestly didn’t remember the menu but I did remember how the pizza looked like. We ordered a few appetizers and three pizzas.

The place looks nice, in a new area of 360 Mall on the third floor which has several trendy looking restaurants. We got the appetizer first, they were pretty good, there was one which was really good, it was so good that it disappeared before I could take a picture. The Calamari was decent, but the dipping appetizer was pretty good, there was a nice selection. Also in the picture this is the Nexus 4 & Galaxy Nexus side by side, we were making a comparison and the Nexus 4 was flatter, but because of the Gorilla glass it slides too easily. Need to get that bumper case for it.

The Pizzas came after about 15 mins and I was pretty hungry, but what I saw was not what I remembered, they were much smaller then what was served in Boston. Those ones were at least double the size, but same rectangular style. The taste wasn’t that great either, I was expecting much better so I came hungry and forced myself to eat more so I wouldn’t be hungry

(All pictures were taken with the Nexus 4)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. naser m

    pizza to oily… waaay over priced, in my opinion nothing worth going 2

  2. BoFahad

    Zouk since when were you married. Mabrook even though its late 3ash elzouk :D

  3. Aalya

    Say hi to Sabooch! ;)

  4. Don

    Wow, didn’t know you were married also..Thought you were living the single rock star life… Anyway proportions are sometimes different in different countries for various reasons..

  5. man I was really disappointed with that figs,

    the chicken really smelled bad,
    they sounded stupid with the whole “don’t believe in round pizza” idea, I make pizzas at home and I make it round !! shall I not -believe my pizza is home-made !!
    and the 70 fils cola bottle !! man I hate this move
    and it’s over priced for what they offer

    never gonna go there again

  6. @naser m – Agreed!

    @Frankom – Alah e3afeek! Me too I’m loving it!

    @BoFahad – Haha! Almost two years now! Didn’t make a big announcement or anything, just did it! Tislam! 7abeeb!

    @Aalya – Inshalla!

    @jaquar knee – They can make their pizza any shape they wanted, if only it tasted good!

  7. Fakhry

    Wow thanks for the review, i was contemplating going there this weekend… Now its a BIG NO ! Thanks to you… ( I owe for saving me some bucks lol)

    Well if you really want to try out super nice Pizza’s try “Grimaldi’s”, the next time you travel to New York. The best Pizza i had so far.. Just dont miss it..

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