The M6 Impounded By A Police Officer With A Grudge

This was probably one of the dumbest situations I have been in because of a cop with a grudge. Took place around 4:00 pm on a Friday.

I just left 360 Mall and exited onto the residental road in Zahra to get to 6th Ring Road quickly, I was traveling about 50 or 60, taking my time just had a good lunch with a few of the guys. There is a police station lot on the right hand side after about 300 meters. A police car pull outs in front, about three cars in front, didn’t think twice I was driving normally, turned right and so did everyone else to get to the bridge that goes over, just like the map, below I was following the blue route. As I was taking the curving exit back onto 6th Ring Road he was still a few cars in front of me, and was the exit was merging he switched on his lights and people were passing him and as I passed he shouted “Owner Of The BMW Pull Over”, I thought to myself this will get interesting. He pulled me over at the red spot on the map just before merging onto 6th ring road.

I stepped out of the car right away and a young police officer stepped out and came to me, I told him hello and whats wrong? He said nothing, went to the front of the car and said license and registration I gave him both. He said your license place has been modified it should be in the center, then I said what do you mean modified, he said you can’t move the location I said that is the mount do you see any screws in the middle, he didn’t say anything, then I said it just passed Car Inspection and last I checked the License Plate has to be in front of the car bumper not specifically in the center. Then he said it was loud and I said this is from the dealer, then I asked him what car he thought this was, he said 625 (That isn’t even one of the models), I told him its not, its a modified sports version of it. He seemed to be ok with that and then the other cop stepped out of the police car and he was white and chubby. The First guy was Bader Al Mutari and he was pretty decent and didn’t seem intent on anything. The other guy came out, his name was Ahmed Yousef, I won’t be forgetting his name anytime soon, and hopefully Karma will bite him in the ass soon enough.

Going back, when the second guy came out the conversation took another turn and this time it was a twist and this is how it went:

  • Him: Write him up for a violation
  • Me: What exactly is the violation
  • Him: Your license plate
  • Me: Its in the front and you could see it

Then He Changes

  • Him: Your car is loud
  • Me: This is from the factory and its not a normal car, what car do you think it is
  • Him: You made a 635 this way
  • Me: This isn’t the same car and you should know the difference, this is an M6 which is louder and faster and a different color then the normal 6 series
  • Him: Where is your proof
  • Me: You have the Car Registration in your hand, look at it
  • Him: Ah, yes M6

Then He Changes Again:

  • Him: Your Car is Two Colors Thats Illegal
  • Me: What are you talking about illegal
  • Him: It says only Blue in your Registration
  • Me: Read under the second color, it says Black, just under the stamp and why would I change a color from the Factory, again its an M6, I think you as a traffic cop would know the difference between cars
  • Him: Ah, ok..

(Sometimes you have to BS some of these guys cuz they try to push)

Then He Changes Again:

  • Him: Your Car is Tinted
  • Me: Yes It Is
  • Him: Thats Illegal
  • Me: It was just recently legalized
  • Him: Yours is more then the legal limit
  • Me: I’m not gonna argue with you, it is tinted
  • Him – Talking to the Other Officer: Write him up, IN Total Violation Of Tinting Laws
  • Me: What exactly do I have to do now
  • Him: We are impounding your car
  • Me: WHAT! For tint, I wasn’t even driving fast, just heading home
  • Him: ….
  • Me: Take my license, my car registration, both, why the hell would you impound the car
  • Him: … (again ignoring me)
  • Me: What exactly is going on here, you stopped me for one reason and now want to impound me for tint, thats over the top

Things went south from there, I tried calling a few people but on a Friday nobody was answering and I was out of luck. He told the other officer to get in the car with me and for me to follow him to the Impound yard, which is in Sabhan. He also shouted that it is illegal for me to make phone calls while driving. When we got in the car I spoke to the other officer and I said I’m going to make a few phone calls, he said go ahead and try to talk to someone, he seemed like a normal guy. I asked him what exactly was his problem, he said you are under his mercy at this point. Just my luck nobody was answering their phones so I took the car and the lot in Sabhan is run by KPTC.

Throughout this period I was talking to them in a respectful way, even when we were at the impound lot the Egyptian Manager tried to reason with the police officer but he wanted my car put into the system right away. If the car is put into the impound system there is no way the car can be released without a direct order from the Minister of Interior or the wakeel. I called my friend, who we will call “Cake”, to come pick me up because he knows where this is. The police officer left and I had my sweater with a few things in my pockets from what I took out of the car.

The Egyptian Manager called me and said he tried delaying the car registration into the system because he wanted to give me an opportunity to make a few phone calls and get out of this. But the officer was on top of him to get him in right away, no one else he did that for, even the other officer tried to make up a reason to leave. Ahmed Yousef really had a grudge and I didn’t know why, but I stayed cool because there was nothing to do about a corrupt cop. He just going from one reason to another to try to impound the car. After I was sitting outside waiting for Cake to arrive people started calling me back and when I told them the situation they started making phone calls trying to get to this guy’s boss. And the best part was that the Central Radio System of the Police was down on Friday so they were communicating Via phone, the radios weren’t working to my luck. So if someone had an emergency they would call the officers not radio them.

A friend told me that this cop had it out for me and he was a dick and shouldn’t have impounded my car, it a difficult process to get it cleared since you have to go to a lot of places to get the paper work done. And even on Sunday he didn’t submit the violation into the system since I think he wants to keep it going at least another few days before I can even start sorting it out. This is the reason why we don’t respect police in Kuwait, when there is a reason for them to get involved they are not there, when they don’t have anything to do they just abuse their power. The problem in my situation is that the law is lax about what a police officer can do and even if he lies its hard to prove him wrong. A few police officers called me back and said that what he did was not within his right since he is from another department and his shift was done a few hours ago and why was he still roaming the streets. It seems it was just my luck and lets see how this turns out over the next few days.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. G-Funk

    All I can say is (F&%K The Police) … Word to N.W.A.

  2. se7s

    ultimate douchebaggery, I hope this goes by as smoothly as possible.

  3. Jealousy (actualy envy) manifests itself in many ways… That’s all it is.

    Nothing better to do for the police. It’s not like we live in a country where we have murders!!

  4. essa k alessa

    Real Men Are Hard to Find … fuck this shit oo giving power to rejects or people with issues who use their status to overpower the others

  5. Well that sucks.its gonna b a loong process I guess to get it bak. Best of luck.

  6. That sucks man! these douches are in every country. I had to pay a fine once back in university in India when a beat cop was jealous of my sports bike.

    Hope you get it back in good condition soon.

  7. oh man what happened to you was so unfair. bummer. I like the way you tell the story though i really got excited. karma will get him in the ass but why you call your friend Cake tell us the story of Cake ;)
    Hope u get your car soon i hear prison for an M6 is not good

  8. razak

    Thank God that U r a citizen,
    just imagine this same situation if it was an expatriate,
    Insha Allah things will turn out fine, i’m sure

  9. naser m

    shitty cop, get ur car out and go looking 4 this yousif douche and let him sniff in ur exhaust fumes! long live KG

  10. wow wow wow! that is terrible!

    as others have said, he’s probably jealous and has it out for you.

    poor M6 :(

  11. ناصر

    ناس دراستها ثانوية تدخل الكلية و يتخرج ظابط مع صلاحيات كبيرة شنو تتوقع منهم !!! الاغلبية منهم عبارة عن يهال ماصدقوا تكون لهم سلطة … شي يحر بس عسى حوبتك ما اتعداه

  12. furuta

    you controlled your composure against the cop and that alone made us proud of you…be patient for the paper works….

  13. place a complain in ادارة الرقابة والتفتيش

    he will be screwed!

  14. Al-Marzouq

    I would complain if i was you, its unlikely to go any where but at least there is record of it

  15. M!

    This impounding car law has to be reexamined. Impounding for whatever reason they come up with on the spot is just ridiculous.

    When there is lack of respect coming from the people who’s job is to protect you, how do you expect to respect them.

  16. Cake

    Hi! This is Cake. The story of cake is very simple. A couple of people who we will call Team S once saw me excited to see cake being served. Keep in mind I didn’t even like cake that much. They started calling me cake everytime they see me and feeding me cake too. Several years of calling me cake has somehow got me to love cake. The end.

  17. Beyonder

    Sorry to hear about your car hopefully you can get it out soon. Agreed that impound laws need to be changed. Seems they can impound you car for any reason and I’m sure there are no options for non-Kuwaitis.

  18. naser m

    we love cake

  19. salah

    Dude, i’m begging you! Don’t let this go easily. I’ve been reading your blog for few years now, and no other post pissed me off like that one. I’ll be checking your blog everyday hoping to read about that douchebag’s suffering!

    We run into these motherfuckers every now and then in the govt sector, and sometimes it involves sensitive situations like medical or something. All the tips I get to finish my paperworks are like “don’t piss the employee off, cause he might freeze your paperwork as he likes.”

    Sons of bitches like those are running the damn country, and they know it!

  20. Why did that man have a boner for you all the while? Why was he hell-bent on the impound even though his sub-ordinate and the impound incharge were hinting to let you go? Has he known you from before?

    Sad how sometimes the innocent have to suffer only because one idiot is having a bad day.

    And its Tuesday so your ride’s been impounded for 4 days? :O

    (From the pic, 2 Camaros impounded along with your ride too)

  21. car impounding law need not be revisited or changed because it is very clear what violation it applies to.
    impounding can only be on big violations such as red light pass, speeding more than 60km/h above speed limit, driving without license …etc.

    these laws are clearly written in the back of all traffic ticket book held used by policemen…

  22. Rakan

    First Of All, Calling A Man Who is Doing His Job a Dick ??? Second Why u Publish His Name.
    Finally, With All Do Respect You Are Not The Only Guy Who Drive A Sport Car. Plz Plz Stop Saying M6. I Had A Maserati And Thank GOD I didn’t Get Any Ticket I Don’t Deserve.

    P.S. 3sa Allah Ekon Eb 3onek

  23. dezrtninja

    I was pulled over a few weeks ago for “accelerating too quickly” while merging onto the highway coming out of Abulhassani. I have a fast car, its tinted, but not too loud. Anyway the cop said that I was speeding. I told him that you have to speed up to get on the highway , but that Im not going to argue with you. Just give me the ticket. Anyway, license and registration a couple of minutes latter he comes back and says he’s letting me go. Thats nice, and what I was expecting, but if thats the case why did you pull me over? (i didn’t ask him this, its just my internal dialogue)

    With all the crazy reckless driving that I see EVERY DAY, on the way to work, on the way to the co-op, outside my house! NOBODY gets pulled over. But I get pulled over merging onto the highway. Anyway sorry for rambling on. Longs story short, he wants to look at your car. Either he likes it and wants a closer look and lets you go, or he likes it and hates you for it.

    We have great laws in Kuwait, we just don’t have any enforcement.

  24. What an @$$hole! He definitely just wanted to power-trip; nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately, your M6 is visual eye-candy for frustrated cops who just want to flex some muscle.

    Hope you get it out soon! Let us know if there are any updates.

  25. marameeri

    To rakan a masarati is not a sports car go buy a real car……thank you

  26. Mark

    Rakan: I thought only girls drove Maseratis

  27. marameeri

    To rakan a masarati is not a sports car please go buy a real sports car……..thank you

  28. Naserm

    To rakan:
    Hows the resale value buddy😂

  29. I’m sorry to hear that, probably he wanted to arrest you because of your car? Even though i don’t have any Idea what’s so special about it. (Not a car person)

  30. Now that’s one sick cop! Shako il impounding for a tinting?! Ya3ne it’s not even logical!

    Hope you got the car back by now and figured out how to deal with that dimwit!

  31. Nawaf AL-Rudaini

    Man this sucks. Sometimes you have to show the cops العين الحمرا. Make it a rule to never give your licence and registration without knowing why you were pulled over. And if you get a **** cop, just call 112 and report the incident with the cop’s name and number of his patrol car. ALL 112 calls are recorded, so that it will be much easier for you to file a complaint against him

  32. HungryBunny

    Came across a similar cop(Naif Al-Harbi) today while leaving the Lulu Hypermarket Parking in Al-Rai. He stopped my dad and 7 other cars exiting the parking and fined everyone for “exiting in the wrong direction” when clearly there is no freaking alternate exit from that parking. While writing the fines he ignored all other cars exiting from that parking lot and when he was done writing fines he stopped a couple more drivers and probably fined them for the same reason.

    how should one react to such immoral behavior? how did his actions benefit anyone?

  33. Khaled

    When I saw the title, all of a sudden some sort of Deja Vu sense happend to me, the story dates back to about three years ago…

    A birthday was coming up for a friend so we (2 persons) decided to make it special by renting a 645Ci Convertible for the night and just hang around with it but not everything went according to the plan.

    After the party we were heading back to home, in the 30 road, driving with a speed around 100km when we saw a police car on our left with its light on, meaning to pull over.

    With our complete surprise, the guy was accusing us of driving with a speed more than 200km and that he had to impound the car!

    In the station, we did everything that we could to stop the car from getting impound since it was a rental car and we had to pay like 30kd for each day and a guy in the station was telling us that it my take about a month to get the car released!

    It took us around three F’ing weeks to get the car released and also retal guy charged us an extra fine of 200kd including the rent charge just because we got violation from police.

    At the time we were all expat students so it was like a fortune to pay for all the charges and fines and the birthday night was completely ruined. I’ll never forget the experience even though a lot of time has passed and I’m not living in Kuwait any longer.

  34. 3azeez

    I had an almost similar experience back in 2003 or 2004. Two cops stopped me next to a mall, one bedeun the other white and chubby. One of the digits on my mercedes front license plate was fading out (I think the tip of number 6). However in my case the bedeun wanted to impound the car and the chubby white guy talked him out of it. I didn’t argue much, the chubby white guy advised me not to open my mouth and get back into the car. Had I argued my car was going to end up impounded for sure.

  35. Kuwaity

    That is why I don’t drive my sports car a lot in Kuwait. We have some sick police men! They just get jealous and impound your car for a light tint or a piece of apple sticker !

    Every day I see people drive without seat belt, using phone, driving faster or slower than the allowed and min speed, tailgating, not using signal, driving on left lane on empty road and etc etc etc while police men just ignoring them and impounding our cars for silly reasons!

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