49ers Two Steps Away


It’s been a long time coming now, the 49ers are close, nothing left until the Superbowl and I’m crossing my fingers and praying that they win this one. They worked hard for it, they had a few setbacks but learned from it. This team is a well oiled machine, everyone put so much effort into this team, and the players pulled it together, with Kaepernick being the surprise for the 49ers. Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, & Michael Crabtree are my favorite players on this team, they are damn good at what they do and always pull through when they need to.

I want them to win the superbowl, its been too long and I promised myself that I would go to the superbowl if they make it. This is one you just can’t miss.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @Qortuba Valley – Buddy we shall see how this play’s out, I’m not saying anything until its done, and the Pat’s took a beating from us!

  2. G-Funk

    NFL is not my thing! but goodluck anyways!


  3. Well i believe 49ers will reach the superbowl great rookie QB he has great tactics lets see if he can beat the experiance tom brady :p

  4. I’m a Redskins man myself, BUT I am rooting for the 49ers to take the championship. Best of luck!

  5. Nawaf AL-Rudaini

    I want them to beat the Falcons. I want them to beat the living crap out of the Falcons. But this is Baltimore’s SuperBowl to loose. I’m just looking forward to a Harbaugh Bowl :)

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