Might Go Down For Maintenance


I have been very lazy over the past year and not really maintaining the back end of the website, it’s one of those tasks that just sat on the To Do list looking at me every day, and I just got used to it being there. On Thursday morning my blog crashed the shared server it was on because of some of the processes running in the background going crazy, so it was acting wonky and needed some tooling. I switched to Virtual Private Hosting over the weekend through Dreamhost and got it back up, but its still hoping along and not 100% healthy. I need to get rid of some of the heavy parts that is bogging the blog down and speed it up a bit, so bear with me while I try a few things and hope to god that I don’t screw anything up, thanks people for your patience.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You mean Ananyah and I should move quicker and finish working on it before Gulf Run 9 right? :P

  2. Get Rid of dd-formmailer use “contract 7”
    Jetpack slows down website and uses lot of resources hard code social sharing in single post.

    Also use “wp-super-cache” its a must plugin for high traffic WP website you will be amaze how fast your blog is loading.

    and at last you should use CDN, try cloudflare

  3. good luck with that man (@Jacqui & @Ananyah) ;p
    been meaning to do the same with my blog but well you know the feeling..!

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