Ironhide & Sentinel Prime By Frenzy Rumble


After so long a wait I finally got my hands on the custom Ironhide and Sentinel Prime by Frenzy Rumble. It was well worth the wait, but I hope next time its 3-6 months not over a year, but these are some very cool models. They look battle damaged, Ironhide looks big with those guns strapped to his arms, but I have to say that the detail on Sentinel Prime is impressive, gun in one hand and shield on the other.


They are the same scale models from Hasbro and the details were taken to another level by Frenzy_Rumble, he is known in his field and luckily enough I got these two from him. Now Sentinel Prime & Ironhide stand tall right next to my Takara Optimus Prime line up, I love the way they look and the detail that have been put into them. They have LED lights in their eyes and some of their weapons, you can tell that from looking at a few of the pictures.


The issue with FrenzyRumble from my previous post in November has finally come to an end, things have finally worked out with Mike. I got my models, and he explained his situation and at the time even offered to refund me the amounts I paid, but I really wanted the models and I was willing to go down that road and so we got to this juncture. And thankfully I have my Ironhide & Sentinel Prime, and they do look good on my shelf.

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  1. Glad you like them man! Thanks again for your patience, understanding and business!

  2. paul

    I have been waiting 2 years now haven’t heard a thing, he wont respond to any emails, and wont allow me to message him on facebook anymore.

  3. Louis Yeo

    Hi, I am a fan of Mike/Frenzy Rumble from Singapore. Last May 2012, I fully paid a deadpool custom but I received nothing from him. He dont reply to email and bar me from his Facebook. Anyone can help or advice.

    He a great talent, I really don’t hope to affect his reputation and work.

    Louis Yeo

  4. @Hussain – Thanks!

    @Kal – Thanks Buddy!

    @frenzyrumble – They were bad ass! Thanks!

    @paul – Sometimes he is late but the forum he is in he is available!

    @Louis Yeo – Try the transformers Forum, best way to reach him!

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