Schengen Visa – Getting Difficult


I just renewed my passport last year and I still had a valid US Visa for a few more years but my Schengen ran out, and my UK Visa ran out with my passport. The UK visa was straight forward, I submit the required documents and since I scanned the finger prints five years ago I don’t need to do it again.

I’m traveling and going through Germany so I submitted to get the Visa from the German Embassy with my original bookings at the time. I went to Al Qabas Visa processing in Sanabil Tower or Al Babtain Tower as it used to be remembered. Went through the process, it was smooth, they asked for my insurance, and the preliminary bookings. It was several weeks before my travel date which worked out fine.

I get notified after a week that my Schengen Visa was refused because I didn’t have a confirmed hotel booking and for 10 days I don’t have a hotel booking in Germany. I mentioned that Germany was not my end destination and they didn’t even pay attention to that. I was confused and pissed, there is even a stamp on my passport stating that my passport was reject by the German Embassy, on a new passport so that pissed me off.

I go back to them this time with the bookings stating that Germany is not my final destination, and the visa for the final destination is attached from when I originally submitted and if there were questions why didn’t anyone ask me, my cell phone number is on the form. The person at the counter didn’t type that up so they thought I was going to stay in Germany for 10 days without a hotel booking. Great, back to square one but this time instead of 5 days it took 3 days, and I got it after the weekend.

The surprising part was the Visa, the validity of it starts at the date of travel not when it is issued, usually the validity starts when the Visa is issued. And I only got 4 months when my previous one was three years, something is odd, but I will take it for now since I’m traveling soon. Still it was very odd that they are doing this and its not like I have had multiple Schengens before. so its surprising that they gave me such a short Visa validity. It seems they are getting more Anal or they want people to pay more for the Visas, I’m not sure what changed but its very annoying.

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  1. BoNasser

    It seems they are getting more “Anal” or they want people to pay more for the Visas.

    I think its to get more anal haha

  2. Germany is known for being one of the worst in granting Schengen visas.

    My friend had an issue with them a few years back because they gave her an 8 day visa, exactly the number of days she was staying in Germany.

    Her flight back to Kuwait was on Lufthansa and she has no way to get back into Germany to catch that one. The Kuwaiti Embassy had to intervene on that trip. My friend is never going there again.

    They say Spain and Greece are the easiest. I personally go through the French Embassy. They night take longer, but never had any issues with them.

  3. Manoosha

    The Validity depends on two things
    1) have you got the visa before
    2) the travel insurance validity period

    I just got mine with one month visa validity only .. and their justification was my Travel insurance period in only One Month.

  4. crazykwt

    Totally agree with Buzfairy on this. Its just not in Kuwait, that the Germans have a bad rep for Schengen visas…. Its the same in other GCC countries too… Experienced it first hand in Oman.

    Greece has always been the easiest…

  5. I’ve never had an issue with the Schengen Visa.

    In 2012 (Or late 2011), I applied for the Schengen Visa through AlQabas office in AlSanabil. I was going to Norway and Poland. And because there’s no Norwegian embassy here in Kuwait, German handled our Visa.

    Yes, it is set for traveling days starting the first day setting a foot in the Schengen countries. But I got it wrapped in 3~4 days (Including weekends).

    I applied for the Schengen Visa again late 2012 to go to Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. But I applied right through the Netherlands embassy since Sweden is the first country I’m visiting and in their website, I should visit them.

    Again, exact days as traveling days (Not since issue date). And wrapped in 4~5 days (Including weekends and a day of vacation).

    Try doing this stunt (You won’t regret it though):
    Visit Sweden for a day or two THEN go to Germany.
    This way, you’ll have to deal with The Netherlands embassy, and you get to wrap things quick (Hoping you don’t miss documents or important data).
    Oh, and you get to deal with the nice lady over there. She’s inhumanly nice!

  6. Man German’s they don’t distinguish, they think we are like the east Europe we want to migrate there and steal their jobs.
    The Americans are much better their country was founded on immigrants and the British they can make the distinguish between people. in any case besalama.

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