Sim Card Cutter Blunder


Just before traveling I bought a MicroSim Cutter since now all my phones are Micro Sims, got it from one of the phone shops on Khalid bin Waleed Street in the city. Simple process, it was on my to do list so a few hours before my flight I cut my US, UK, and then I decided to cancel my BB service at last and I cut that chip too and switched phones around.

Did that really quickly.. too quickly.

I wanted to put the chip in the phones and it looked a little too small. Turns out the guy sold me the iPhone 5 Nano-Sim cutter! I was pissed, now I have to get new Sims and some of them I can’t get except when I land, thats ridiculous. I’m an idiot for not checking, and that guy must have switched them, and then I blame Apple for changing the Sim Card sizes every time they change a number on their damn iPhone! Very annoyed!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. العيد

    حسبي الله عليج يا آبل
    خسبقتينا وخسبقتي خطوطنا ،، شزينها نوكيا قبل كل تلفوناتها نفس السم

  2. Safar

    If you would manage to cut a simcard to make it nano sim, i would assume there is an adapter that would do the opposite?

    Or is part of the chipset cut too? i’ll ask Wataniya tomorrow..

  3. khalid

    I suggest to go to UK and US to replace your SIM’s.
    both trips will be cheaper than buying an Iphone :P

  4. TLB

    Buy a Galaxy Note. Beats the crappy iPhone every time. Apple is on borrowed time…

  5. @Daddyz Girl – Thanks! It was too late for me at the time! Had to make a quick move!

    @vampire – This time it screwed me! lol

    @العيد – taghyeer el SIM yanany!

    @Safar – I got screwed since I was about to get on a flight at the time but managed to sort it out!

    @khalid – Ur suggestion sounds fun!

    @TLB – I have my Nexus 4! Didn’t need anything else!

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