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I honestly love instagram, I enjoy the interaction and people’s reactions to pictures and seeing what others may snap pictures of. There is always something to entertain someone on instagram, so much to see and I think everyone is on it at this stage. In Kuwait people migrate from one thing to another and the latest is instagram, with business setting up through instagram and spreading by it and honestly it works. Everyone is pointing theirs phones and taking pics all the time, but the states I didn’t see people as obssessed with it as we are. I tend to like taking good pictures and seeing what others may take, but the one thing that I see that drives me nuts is people following lots of people to get followed and then unfollowing, and sometimes it gets me wondering why some people would unfollow, I honestly know that I shouldn’t care but I’m always curious about it and I would be lying if I didn’t say it didn’t bother me, but it does just a little bit. I use statigram to follow up on the numbers and growth and so I see specifically who unfollowed and there are always surprises.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. who doesn’t love instagram
    even mom n dad using it now!

  2. forget about the follow back thingy there is one thing i realised people liking photo’s for the sake of liking and thats it they just don’t really check or read whats in the photo they like it in order you like back what ever they post :P

  3. It’s addicting.. and I have been your follower from the day I joined the Instagram world, love what you share on it specially pics of your friday morning rides. :D

  4. They probably unfollow if they realize that the person they are following doesn’t interest them anymore or spamming their timeline

  5. @Atif – Thanks buddy! Much appreciated!

  6. khalid

    Agreed to @zwaiz
    instagram is one of the best social apps and there is many more apps are great.

    BUT the problem is people are really need to be educated on how to use it… example


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