Google Reader – Officially Being Killed Off By Google


I know that Google tends to shut down services that aren’t used by people much, but Google Reader! Seriously, I live off of that, and so many apps depend on that, we have until July 1st to use Google Take Out and import our RSS Feeds to other RSS Readers. But at least there are options, cloud based would help if you tend to use your RSS Reader from multiple locations like myself, and Desktop based if only from one or two machines, but then comes the problem of syncing for Desktop Feeders, they are still all linked to Google Reader, so how will they sync between each other. I know the desktop based solutions below sync with Google Reader, I’m not sure how they will sync across from each other.

Your options:

  • Feedly
  • NetVibes
  • NewsBlur
  • Android – GReader – The Best For Android
  • Mac – Reeder – Very Clean
  • Winwdows 8 & Windows 8 Phone – NextGen Reader – The Best for that Platform

No matter what other options there are I can’t believe they are doing this, it’s such a good and simple product, to me I depend on it to get through all my feeds and keep tabs on all the websites I follow and there are a lot and to sync between all my feeds is going to be very annoying.

I remember when they cancelled Google Buzz, fine I can understand that, and that collaboration tool that people didn’t know how to use. But Google Reader! Come on Google, just give us this one and let us keep it. Any thoughts people on this? How dependent are you on Google Reader, I know a lot of people don’t read blogs or certain websites as much as they used to but I didn’t think they stopped using Google Reader! Opinions people!

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  1. Marcopolo

    It is a shock really, Google reader is The Web for me. They blame it on the decline of users but I think there’s more to it than just that. Surprisingly, I read somewhere that they were planing to do this since 2011. I’m looking for an alternative at the moment, Reeder looks promising but not sure it’s as reliable as GR though.

  2. @Marcopolo – Since 2011, thats when it was peaking at the time, I remember everyone switching to Google Reader! To be honest I’m looking at Cloud based RSS Feed Readers because the sync issue between all the reads, or else I won’t be able to keep up with my feeds! Its honestly very disappointing because everything I read is based on being funneled into Google Reader!

  3. abdullah

    كل شي ولا قووقل ريدر
    بتتخربط عيشتي فوق تحت اذا مسحوه!!
    please Goolge keep google reader alive

  4. Akbar

    Google knows and taps everything about it’s users so them taking away a product is not as shocking as them keeping all our personal info, search results, preferences, email, contents to what our virtual lives are. I find that very creepy.

  5. x

    you can just export your opml subsc list and use feed demon to import it.

    u will have a desktop based reader

    just move the data to dropbox folder on pc and u have desktop based cloud based reader synch to data on drop box

    feed demon guy says the current version is his last since he moved on and plus google is killing reader since he had synch with google…

  6. @abdullah – Ana weyaak! All of my reading is done through Google Reader! Moo ma3qoool!

    @Akbar – They do have all the information for sure!

    @x – That won’t work well, keeping it just synced across dropbox and one platform to use it, its sad that we have reached this state! Feedly seems to be the more viable solution!

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