Review: Oblivion


A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.


I was very excited to see this movie, I know that sometimes movies ride on their stars but this SciFi movie looked legit with Tom Cruise and especially with Morgan Freeman. If you haven’t seen it don’t waste your time, the movie trys to be a complex science fiction movie but ends up going in way too many directions and there are too many holes in the storyline. I don’t even know why Morgan Freeman was in the movie, it was doing very well but then things went wrong in too many directions and honestly I got so bored and couldn’t believe I was so excited to see it.

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  1. i liked the special effects, sounds and the hoovers

    imo story wasn’t bad
    would give it 3.5

  2. @vampire – The middle part got confusing, and they should have stuck to more action, there were too many holes for me to enjoy it honestly!

  3. Seriously!? I so was waiting for it.. bummer!

  4. @Kal – Yeah it wasn’t a good scifi! Was very much disappointed!

  5. sabah

    I hated it too. I think they took two very good movies and messed them up (Independence Day and Moon).

  6. @sabah – Exactly! Either go for the action, or go for the complex, or the funny, don’t go for all of them! Just messed up the movie!

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