2013 Infiniti QX56 – The Beast


I tried this car the first time around for three days in February, this time around I had a chance to drive the car for exactly 17 days and it is a beast, and I can’t blame anyone for loving this machine. Infinite have an amazing machine on their hands, excellent navigation, simple controls, very comfortable and spacious interior.

Things That I love:

  • 400 Horsepower Beast
  • Looks Like A Whale Or Rhino From the Front, Intimidating Machine
  • It handles and is fast, it accelarates like a rocket for its size
  • Extremely comfortable interior, drove it for 5.5 hours straight without a problem
  • Excellent sound system and navigation
  • Substantially Cheaper then the Lexus
  • Solid Machine, it can handle anything you can throw at it, and I roughed it up a bit
  • Lots of options to control rear seats and AC from the front in an intuitive way
  • Excellent Cameras all on sides and it works great when parking
  • Great Maneuverability, surprisingly fits in amazing places

Honestly I was very surprised how much I liked the QX56, it surpassed my expectations. I am extremely loyal to Toyota because the car just lasts after taking so much torture from my use, but this machine is a beast and I am seriously impressed. I am keeping it in mind in the coming future for an SUV choice. And I wouldn’t buy the Lexus over the Infinite, doesn’t make any sense, its a better car, more options, more powerful, and for a lesser price.


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  1. You’re right, I can’t tell if this looks more like a whale or a rhino..! But it looks sexy.. a sexy beast!

  2. @Kal – Yes it does! Drive it and you will know what I mean!

  3. lfcq8

    Z you didnt ride in the back its even more species the leg room is unreal and when you have the 3rd row seat open you still have space in the trunk unlike the lexus and the cruiser

  4. @lfcq8 – I did ride in the back! in the 3rd row!! There is a lot of legroom and you can control the seats electronically which is great and your right! There is space in the back with the third row seats up!

  5. Syed

    You’re right about the Car but the brand name is Infiniti and not Infinite.
    The Lexus LX 570 is so damn overpriced that this makes so much sense.

  6. Khalid

    Rare mighty beast indeed.

  7. @Syed – Thanks for the fix, Autocorrect did that!! Yup the Infiniti is so much better! And better value!

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