Los Angeles – Places To Eat – 2013


There were too many good places to try out while in Los Angeles, and sometimes you don’t have all the time needed to check them all out but this is a few of the places that we went to and the food was amazing at all of them, all depends what you are looking for and honestly it was hard not to stuff myself every time we went to these places.



  • BOA – Amazing Steak Place On Sunset Blvd – The Japanese Wagyu beef was amazing
  • Lala’s Argentine Grill – On Melrose Place – Pure Argentinian Grilling, Meat At Its Finest, If you love steak you will love this place
  • Umami – Amazing Burger Joint – Simple menu, don’t miss the Bub Burger or Truffle Burger
  • Il Postaio – Amazing Italian off of Canon Drive in Beverly Hills – Casual, I went and ate there in bike gear
  • The Apple Pan – Greasy Burger Place – If you love Burgers you will love this place
  • Via Veneto – The best Italian place on Venice Beach, you can’t miss this place it really is amazing, a unique type of Italian, not your usual and we loved it.



  • Toast – Amazing menu, lots to choose from and great outside seating, best on Sunday Brunch
  • Joan’s On 3rd Cafe – Great selection of sandwiches and great seating indoors, cafe & marketplace


Of course we passed by In&Out because everyone keeps asking if we did, but for me that place is just a bit over hyped and I had one next to my apartment for years so there are other burger places that I prefer, but for a quick burger it does the job.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i was in the hunt for the best pancakes in LA area

    # 1 Pancakes R Us in long beach.
    # 2 the original Pancake House. many outlets.
    # 3 The Griddle Cafe

  2. @vampire – Its apparent that you love pancakes! Loooool!

  3. Laziale

    I didnt like in&out that much , i prefer Five guys. Thanks for the nice selection, i did not try any of these restaurants and am planing to try them out next time.

  4. @Laziale – Like I said its overhyped! Give guys is better! But check out Umami or Apple Pan! So many good food places!

  5. Speedy Gonzalez

    Stop taking pictures of good food that is hard to get!! Kill me ;D

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