Illegal Visa Trader in Kuwait


Recently there have been some changes in Kuwait’s Visa process and they want to clamp down on the number of Expats in the country. I don’t think thats a good policy since most of the Expats are here because of a need, most government jobs are completed by Expats and in most private companies the Expats range from 60% to 99%, its just the truth of the matter and there is no going around it.

There is a reason that is the case, a majority of Kuwaitis want a high paying job and very little amount of work. I have met some amazing people in the private sector and entrepreneurs, but these people are not even 3% of the Kuwaiti population, the majority are in government the ones with brains face obstacles and the ones that don’t want to work are happy not going to work and getting a pay check.

Now they want to get rid of the expats so they are applying any law they see fit and they want to get to the Visa Traders (Tijaar Iqaamaat). After all these years this is what they want to do to solve the Visa trading business. You can’t report them, you can do anything with them, and the victims who are the people trying to work end up getting deported when nothing happens to the Visa Traders.

As of this week they have started picking up random expats from around Kuwait City and taking them to Jail if they have Visa Type 20 which is the house staff Visa. With the new Wakeel in the Ministry of Interior he wants to prove that he is the big man in town and so he picked on the weakest in this aspect. They take the Expat to jail and if nobody trys looking for him then they deport them within two weeks, and they contact the sponsor to pay for the ticket.

So instead of putting the Visa traders in jail and giving these guys an opportunity to make a living, they deporting the expats no matter what the circumstance is. Also be careful during this period regarding the traffic laws, it seems he wants to apply those as well, any major traffic violation and it will result in a deportation. Right now I think that these rules are basically bonkers, and extremely unfair.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. M!

    Did you really just use the word “bonkers” in your article…

    You RMF use some funny vocabulary hahaha :)

    Besides that what you said is very true!

  2. Yah man the Visa traders are doing a form of people trafficking and they should be punished for that not the expats

  3. Chirp

    That has always been the problem with Kuwait, they never try to solve a problem from its root, or try to get to the main issue of a problem. They just remove whatever it is on top and pretend all is good and dandy.
    They are trying to fix the traffic problem by deporting expats,what a joke. The problem is the infastructure, the road system, lack of decent public transport, etc etc. Most of the expats I know have 1 or 2 cars per family and do not have drivers, and when they go out they carpool. When we go out each one of us goes in their own car, so if we are a group of 7 people thats 7 different cars.
    I like in jabriya and its unbearable, buildings that were once 5 floors are being rebuilt to 10+ floors with more apartments on each floor and NO PARKING!
    People started to sell their houses and build them into small apartment buildings, again with no parking.
    Where are the laws there? Where is the baladiya?
    Sometimes I think people they put in charge lack common sense and logic.

  4. @M! – Sometimes certain words just pop into my head and I just type it without a second thought! lol

    @brownsuger – Exactly, there is no punishment for the visa traders, what they can’t bring someone again? fine, what would stop him from doing it again when he can! There should be a substantial punishment, financial and jail time!

    @Chirp – Exactly! They don’t address the root of the problem because they are afraid they will step on too many toes! And the end result is this mess right now!

    @Vampire – Very Depressing! Pisses me Off!

  5. exactly my point! as usual protecting their investment in human trafficking with this cowardice approach..

  6. BrinxOnBrand

    Big man…? Really?

  7. Nixon

    you’re right but Kuwait has a big problem: more than 50% of its population are expats. The number must go down, but it can be done with better ways than this.

  8. The worst thing is that those very people who will be deported are still paying back the visa trader for bringing them to Kuwait in the first place. All the deportation does is allow the trader to use his quota to bring in more poor people in their place for the whole cycle to start again – and all it would cost him is a plane ticket which is approximately 10% of what s/he is charging the victim!

  9. Don

    Well written, I am glad you are saying somthing, as it is a big problem. It seems alot of blogs and or people are backing away from the subject due to possible reprisal. As always keep up the good work.

  10. @Kal – Exactly, its these cowardly actions that are making things work!

    @BrinxOnBrand – Yup, thats his idea!

    @Nixon – This number can only go down if people do the work that is necessary, and deporting people won’t solve the issue, if you want to solve the issue then people’s work ethic is the problem!

    @BuYousef – Exactly! It has no affect on the Visa trader! They just go back to the same process and have nothing done to them, they have their ways around the system and if they aren’t prosecuted directly then there is no way to stop this whole horrible abuse!

    @Don – Thank you, its just a subject that bothers me, people take these extreme decisions and nothing really happens in this case! Only the weak get punished, inshalla there will be changes and the real people are punished.

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