2013 TV Shows That Got Axed

1600 Penn

So many good shows went out the window, I’m seriously surprised that they cancelled so many when they were so entertaining, but a lot of good shows got renewed which I’m happy they made it. This doesn’t even include the new shows like JJ Abram’s “Believe” and the rest of the new line up.

Shows Cancelled:

  • Touch – Jack Bauer Can Go to 24
  • Whitney – 2nd Season and Done, I thought it was funny
  • 1600 Penn – This Show Was Funny, I Don’t Know Why It Was Canceled After The First Season
  • Guys With Kids – Come On It Was Funny, Why Was It Cancelled
  • Up All Night – Didn’t Know Where It Was Going
  • Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apt23 – That Went Out Quick
  • Animal Practice – This Was Axed Early On
  • The Office - Season 9

    Shows Coming To An End:

  • 30 Rock – This Show Was Entertaining
  • The Office – Can’t Believe Its Coming To An End, Only A Few More Episodes


Renewed Shows:

  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Elementary
  • Parks and Rec
  • Revolution
  • Chicago Fire
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • Nikita
  • Grimm

Chicago Fire - Season 1

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  1. Guys With Kids – REALLY ???…..Come On !.!.!

    Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apt23…It was my favorite too but I’d rather have Guys With Kids instead :(

  2. I posted the list this morning as well, well the cancellations last night and the renewals today hehe I am saddened by the loss of 1600 Penn, Happy Endings, Body of Proof among a few others but really it’s going to be interesting next year to say the least.

  3. @Ammar Lashkari – I know what you mean! Guys With Kids was funny, I like the characters in it!

    @Jacqui – I know ALOT of shows were cancelled! I was hoping 1600 Penn would make it, it was seriously funny! Lets see whats planned for next year!

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