BBM For Android & iOS This Summer


This might be a little too late, but still its the move that they needed to do for a while. If you have a Blackberry you can feel relative again, you won’t be alone anymore, thats if people join BBM again after joining the WhatsApp bandwagon. I like BBM and still until the end of its days, the hardware got a bit annoying and kept restarting with 15 min restarts. With the launch of the Q10 everyone seems interested in it again and they gave it a chance with the Z10 but Blackberry just doesn’t work with the Touch Screen alone, it needs the keyboard too thats why the Q10 looks interesting. BBM was always more organized and better then the all the other chat Apps in the beginning and maybe this move will bring them back, the one failure of Blackberry is the lack of Apps but we will see what happens when BBM is released, will people migrate back to BBM?

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. nk

    i will definitely download it, if and only if it will have the “PING!!!” function working, otherwise it’s just like any other chat application.

  2. I will use it if everyone else did but that won’t change a thing, I never and will never use a blackberry device

  3. @nk – Pretty much at this stage, sort of too little too late!

    @right to point – A lot of people feel that way!

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