HTC One – Mophie Juice Pack


This is a surprise to me, turns out the Mophie made a Juice Pack for the HTC One, they never made it for any other device other then the iPhone and the Samsung SIII, and its not that there is huge volume of the HTC One out there, so I wonder what made them change their mind and produce it. I for one am happy that they are producing the juicepack for other manufacturers, and they are bound to make one for the Galaxy S4. For $99 its reasonably priced, and you know you love it the moment your phone is on the verge of dying, 2500 mAh is enough to bring it back to full charge without any use.

Link: AndroidCentral


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  1. I wish if they can have one for the Note2 ;/

  2. Essa K Alessa

    whats ur intake on HTC buddy haa better than samsung… thinking of getting the black one this week from future telecom arrives this week. but needs ur input on it

  3. @Frankom – The Note2 would be HUGE!!!!

    @Essa K Alessa – I will get back to you this week on it! Working on both of them at the moment!

    @vampire – Now you know! lol

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