1. @vampire – Exactly! Its going to be EPIC!

  2. farooq

    Will have to wait till Ramadan is over since its releasing on the very next day of Ramadan..But I aint missing this movie..its really gonna be Epic..Wish they could release this movie a week early :)

  3. @farooq – I know during Ramadan its the movie black out period! Wish I could see some of those movies during the blackout but even Dubai sometimes gets delayed!

  4. farooq

    @Marzouq:- Still hoping it releases a week before Ramadan.Some movies like Transformers,Iron Man 3 were officially released a week before there expected world wide release dates.

    P.S – Also waiting for Pacific Rim Action Figures :)

  5. @farooq – Same here, I hope they release it earlier! FYI already ordered the Action Figures! lol

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