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The new XBox One is here, Microsoft is referring to it as the new “Entertainment System”, people don’t realize that at the core of all this is gaming, we want to play games as well as have other features, gaming is the main feature, everything else is secondary. So Microsoft has to do a lot to live up to, but one thing I like is XBox Live and your Gold Account is going to carry over to the XBox One which is great, the functionality of XBox One is going to be the same with a mix of XBox 360 & Windows 8 so if your familiar with them you will be fine. They are trying to introduce more functionality with TV, Skype, and Internet Explorer, its ok but not key for me. I want to see if they will be releasing another Halo, now that would be Epic, even though I haven’t finished Halo 4 yet, I still have the rest of 2013 to do that. One surprise for me is that they have finally introduced a slot-loading BluRay player, I still buy BluRays but only of movies that I love, so I’m not sure how many people have BluRays when they have the option of streaming, still its a good option.


As far as installation, when you first insert a disc into the Xbox One, it’ll install the game to the hard drive — you won’t have to use the disc again. As for internet connectivity they haven’t given a clear picture, so I’m not sure if it has to have internet connectivity to keep playing the games, that wouldn’t be a wise decision if you have to have constant internet connectivity. I like the idea that you load the disc once and then you don’t have to use it to play the game. The controller is an update that I really like, they put a lot of thought into it and everyone keeps saying how great it is, so that is something I want to try. They new Kenict is a bit like the CIA’s dream it can hear and see you while the console is off, you can use gestures and voice commands to switch the XBox One on and go through its menus.



  • TV Features – Useless to anyone outside the US, and its not a settop box, I want a gaming machine
  • Again not backwards compatible – I only have about 20 Games that I cherish, so what to do with them now?
  • No Used Games, So I don’t know how thats going to work for rental companies now! Sometimes I want to try a game but don’t want to buy it, so whats the solution?
  • New Kenict which is watching you all the time, not a feature I like, will probably point the Kinect to the TV, don’t like being watched!
  • Gamers will have to connect the console regularly, possibly at least once a day, and game discs will be restricted to your Xbox profile if you use them on a second console


Both consoles promise to track your motions, power on instantly, and seamlessly update themselves in the background, among many other common features. Lets see how that works out, how many people have power up their XBox 360 or Playstation after a month of not touching to play a new game and end up having to perform a systems update for an hour or more so that you can play that new game. Honestly what I loved about the XBox was XBox Live, I could always play with friends across the globe, this time around I don’t know what they have planned.

Overall I’m honestly excited about the new console but they have to clarify a few points about the 2nd hand market and online connectivity. I’m the graphics will be phenomenal, and I want to see what games they have lined up, not sure what they are going to price it at, but I’m hoping it won’t pass the $400 mark.

Link: TheVerge


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  1. Hey Z,

    these annoyances you pointed out are major issues not simple ones and for a device that have a competitor like the PS4 these things will make it an insect compared to the other platform. I was expecting something much better than what they revealed now I am loving my XBOX 360 very much that I may hug my device ;p

  2. DVLz

    Just to clarify few things the xbox one will allow you to use used games but not that simple although they haven’t mentioned in details but it seems that you have to pay for it just like EA games. Another feature is playing a game that your friend owns in the cloud.

  3. DVLz

    Update: Microsoft will not charge for Xbox One games, but will only allow one user access to the game.

    This means if the game is sold, borrowed or given away for free, the console originally running the game will have a deactivated license and the new owner will become the sole owner.

    On the lending side, this will mean a user cannot play the original game while a friend does, but once the friend is finished with the game they are allowed to give it back without being charged.

    The Xbox One will completely install all the game when the disc is inserted, meaning all the data is there and the disc becomes redundant afterwards.

    Microsoft has implemented this one user system to make sure nobody can give the game away or sell it while still playing it, this would lead to real damages to both the publisher and Microsoft

  4. @HaMaNiYoo -Honestly I think it will be good, hopefully the graphics will perform more then our expectation, and the other thing I’m hoping for is a better XBox Live Experience.

    @DVLz – Honestly the clarification isn’t bad, and a license to play the game is important, lending and using the game solely on the machine which is good enough, now the matter of constant connectivity is important, some people don’t have that!

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