The Haswell Desktop – Another Build


Recently my desktop has had a few hiccups but being almost 3 years old it has taken a beating. A lot of things I do myself and around the house revolves around the Lian Li machine which was repurposed from a Windows Home Server to a Heavy Weight Single Desktop use. With the launch of the new Intel Haswell Processors and a few interesting pieces of hardware I had laying around I decided to put this new machine together and also add some more gaming capability to it.



  • Thermaltake Urban S41
  • Thermaltake 1500W
  • Samsung 840 SSD 500 GB SATAIII
  • Intel Core i7-4770
  • Gigabyte Z87 LGA 1150 Dual LAN ATX
  • Corsair 16 GB DDR3 1600Mhz Vengence
  • Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB GDDR5
  • Digistar BlueRay Drive (Slot Loading)
  • OCZ 128 GB SSD SataIII
  • WD 3TB SataIII

For the software I want to dual boot both Windows 8 & Windows 7, honestly Windows 7 is amazing and does the job and extremely stable. I have one Windows 8 laptop with a touch screen, and for Windows 8 to work smoothly it has to be a Touch Screen integrated into it. So dual boot option looks like its something I’m contemplation at this point, but the first install is going to be Windows 7 at least. Then the Windows 8 install on the other SSD and W8 can handle the dual boot option on start up, but lets see how it develops.


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  1. khalid

    Did u built it from Kuwait?

  2. @khalid – Some of the parts will be from Kuwait, but the processor and motherboard are coming from the US. Professional Computer put it together.

  3. M3T4L

    Breakdown prices (estimate is also accepted!) ? I am interested if I want the same for my home purposes.

  4. @M3T4L – Just made the purchase from Amazon for some of the parts, I will put those details together once I receive them and start putting them together! So you guys have all the details!

  5. khalid

    I’m just commenting and suggesting on your H/W build :)
    1500W PSU is waste unless you are planning to keep for 3 – 4 years

    I used to run 1 high-end graphic card 1 SSD 5 HDD 2 DVD’s 16GB RAM with no issues with a 750W PSU for 2 – 3 years

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