Feedly – Taking To The Next Level – Bye Google Reader


For those still using Google Reader the cut off date is within a few weeks, Google will be pulling the plug. And Feedly has really stepped up, not just as an RSS Feeder but to do it even better then how Google did it. They are replacing what Google does for RSS Feeds, and they have created an open API so RSS Readers can connect to the Feedly cloud.

The Partners:

  • Reeder
  • Press
  • Nextgen Reader
  • Newsify
  • gReader

Feedly is fast, and thats what I love about it, and they plan to make it even faster based on their recent expansions. They added more servers to make it even smoother, support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and other developments. The best part of the development is their ecosystem, there are a lot excellent Apps out there, but right now I’m loving the Feedly app on Android and online. But you can still use the Apps above to work with Feedly, and I think thats fantastic on their part. I have been on the Feedly forums and they have been intensely listening to users and adding features as fast as possible. If anything, Google Reader showed us that sometimes, someone besides Google does it better.

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  1. Marcopolo

    As much as many people glorifying Feedly, which I really want to like, I find it heavy on my browser (Safari, Mac), slow, read count isn’t perfect and rarely in sync. Maybe it’s just me or it is indeed better on other browsers I’m not sure.

  2. @Marcopolo – I have it running on Chrome & Firefox with Feedly, as well as on my Android, and it is working perfectly with no issues what so ever. I think it might just be Safari, I use it on Macs but with Chrome and no problems what so ever!

  3. ma 7bet feedly kilsh, newsify 3ajeeeeb bs 7safa mo mawjod 3al android wala 7ata 3ndhom website ;(

  4. @3ateeja – Its a matter of taste, for me its smooth fast and works across multiple platforms which is exactly what I want!

  5. it’s perfect on my phone, looks neat and fast. But couldn’t like the web version, it feels like a mess, although I liked the look!

  6. @Kal – I like the web version, you can choose different formats to view it!

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