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Previously the only real Keyboard you could buy was Swift 3 and that’s what I did since I didn’t like the Samsung Galaxy S4 standard Keyboard. But as of June 5th the Standard Google Keyboard which was only available previously on the Nexus devices is now available as download for devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above.

There are different levels of predictive text as well as the swype option, it’s a keyboard with options and a clean feel. If you don’t have a Nexus phone try it out, you will like, its a different and clean feel for Google Keyboard. What I like is that they recently made it into its own App just like GMail, Maps, & G+.

Link: Google Play

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  1. M3T4L

    It is important to point out though, that till this day (17th June 13) this app is not available for my device’s country (Kuwait).

    I am also waiting to try it out on my GN2.

  2. @M3T4L – The way I installed it was to click the link and then choose the device I wanted it installed on and it worked right away, try installing from the web!

  3. M3T4L

    @Marzouq that’s what I did when I read your post. I was constantly checking the Play store on my GN2 for when they will unlock it for Kuwait as well. When you posted about this, I thought maybe the web install will bypass that !

    Turns out Google is clever:
    “This app is incompatible with your Viva Samsung GT-N7100. This item cannot be installed in your device’s country”

  4. @M3T4L – The smart bastards!!! Then I wonder why it worked on my Samsung S4! I couldn’t find it in the store but worked when I installed it from the webstore! I hate this kind of crap that they pull! Why would it be region locked, never makes sense!

  5. incompatible for your device message makes me sad,, nexus 7 :(

  6. @vampire – I don’t think it works on Tablets yet! Needs to be phones first!

  7. BiG N


    Do you know where I can get Nexus 4 in kuwait ?


  8. @BiG N – Honestly No clue!I always got it online! But I’m assuming some places in Khalid bin Waleed in Sharq have it!

  9. Thanks for posting about that! Totally didn’t know about it, will keep an eye on the store till it’s available for Kuwait.

  10. @Kal – Depends which device but yes you can use it for sure! Go for it!

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