Toyota GT-86


Making Driving Fun Again.

That is the main description after driving this car. Toyota wanted a sports car that is affordable and fun, a long time ago there were a lot of affordable sports cars, but once the performance race came into play they just kept getting more and more expensive. The idea behind this machine is to keep it simple and fun, putting in the bare minimum into the car to make a driver happy. I got my hands on the car a while back and had my fun with it, it has to be a manual to be enjoyed.


The machine is underpowered, there is no question about that, don’t expect it to push you back into your seat like a jetplane, but it does give you the rush of driving a fast car, especially because of two simple factors. The car is spunky, if you are driving the manual version you figure out it’s sweet spots, and this car should only be sold in manual because that is the true way to enjoy it. Secondly the car handles like a go kart, stuck to the ground, you can throw the car around, its light and it feels like your driving a toy car, but it holds on the corners and I love that about the suspension.


Toyota built this car in mind with people who want to modify it. It has to be modified, there is no question about that, everyone who has ever wanted a Toyota Supra wanted to modify it, and the GT-86 was based on the rich history of the AE86 that is a legend in the Japanese Automotive circles. This machine will bring back the days when Fast & Furious first came out, there will be no one GT-86 the same as the other, and the parts to modify the car is relatively cheap compared to other sports cars.


This machine needs a power upgrade to be a bit more fun, but when you upgrade the power you also need to upgrade the suspension and brakes to match. The best part of the GT86 is that is honestly very easy to drive and handle, at 200 bhp that is the case, but when you add the much need 100 bhp to get it to 300 bhp this car will handle very differently. So other modifications need to be done to get it back to the ease of driving and amazing stock handling that you get used to.


The interior of the car is simple, and that is the best thing about it, I honestly love the start button on the car, its like you are ready to race, and the AC is great but the sound system is basically crap and you need to modify that. This specific one has a modified head unit but other parts need to be modified such as the speakers and the bass to get it to the quality that you want.


You can literally modify this car any which way you want, but one thing is a fact, this is the perfect car from Toyota and nobody makes one like it. This car was abused during GulfRun, and I abused it for the three weeks that I had it when I took it from K, thanks K.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You think maybe ‘K’ will let me abuse it? :D

  2. @vampire – U should! Honestly worth it!

    @Mathai – U never know! lol

  3. Kuwaity

    I didn’t tested on the road but drove it fast on the Nürburgring!

    The handling was very neutral and feels like you have been driving it before. Engine note was deep and better than most Japanese cars. Power was OK for me on the Ring since I’m not familiar with it, but you can see on the straights that it’s hard to get it to 200 km/h. Everything was good for the price (although it is more expensive in Kuwait). I managed to lap the ring in around 10 min (wife was stop-watching lool). It was stock except for the semi slicks and roll cage.

    Only one down side: I couldn’t do heel and toe with stock paddles! Yes I have a big foot but I can toe-heel almost any car even M3 at deep braking! So first mod will be new paddles.

    Comparing it with my S2000, which I still prefer it over the 86, the 86 has more room for error when push it hard and it can hang on oversteer without spinning. But on the track the S2k (AP1) feels very pointy and no sign of understeer. So it may be a better car than the S2k on the road and miles easier to drift.

  4. @Kuwaity -Very well said, and that is whats great about the car, its open to interpretation and people can modify it in every way possible! But the S2K for me is too cramped and does do it well but it needs a facelift and upgrade! But the 86 does it well, and like you said it can understeer but then again its meant to be an even car, not a full on race car, I have seen a few fully modified 86s and they are meant as track attack machines.

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