The Real Husbands Of Hollywood – Must Watch


The Real Husbands Of Hollywood, a show that makes fun of reality shows in Hollywood, they just take it to another level. Made by Kevin Hart, the genius comedian, and this show is hilarious. Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, J.B. Smoove, Boris Kodjoe, Nick Cannon, and Robin Thicke all play themselves, the stars of their fields in Hollywood. These guys are a funny, seriously hilarious, the antics they pull, and they are in competition with each other, and most of them are comedians going at each other, they literally leave nothing untouched, every topic between them is open game which makes the show even funnier. And I have become a huge fan of Robin Thicke after this show, other then being a talented musician, turns out he is funny too, especially with this combination of guys. If you haven’t seen it then you are missing out, download the show and watch it if you want a laugh. This first season had 10 episodes, I just hope it was renewed by BET since this was a huge hit.


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  1. Khaled

    This show is hilarious!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Check out Second Generation Wayans although it’s not as hilarious as RHOH but it’s close hehe. Did you get a chance to see the Hollywood Special that aired 2 weeks ago? :P Hehehe seriously hilarious and next season they’ve got big guns like Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and more starring on the show!! :P

  3. @Khaled – No problem! I love the show, its hilarious! 10 episodes isn’t enough, this is ridiculous!

    @Jacqui – I can’t wait to see the next season! And I hope its a lot more then 10 episodes because seriously that isn’t enough!

    @mooVz – Me too!

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