This post has been a long time coming, and at this point I think it is somewhat appropriate. I have been a Windows user for a very long time, some Linux and Solaris thrown into the mix for a little while but never really Apple. So over the past few years I got introduced to Apple, the first one being the Mac Mini from last year which was an impressive little guy. If you asked me back in 2006 if I would be using a Mac I would say that is blasphemy but now I will happily admit it. Over the years I think that Apple’s hardware has improved drastically and you get the better hardware for a better price unlike before, and OS X and higher is much better then its previous versions with better compatibility. Still I’m really annoyed that they don’t have NTFS built into OS X but I think its just Apple being their usual stubborn self so people can’t use the same external USB/Hard Drive between Apple & Windows Machines. I have been using my iPod for a while now, pretty much since the iPod Touch came out and the useful applications and games. So a few years later I got into my first apple, and it was as if I was walking into an unknown zone. Overall I think Apple does have a winning product but you can’t knock Windows just yet, it does have its good uses and I know you Apple fans do get crazy but it wouldn’t be dominating in the market if it didn’t do something right. A lot of you know how much I love Android products but I do love my iPad, I will admit which platform is better for which application, and Apple knows how to integrate all their products but its annoying how much they lock out other companies from innovating on their platforms. I prefer my Android over iOS by far but I wouldn’t mind it syncing with iTunes so I can get my music, of course there are ways to get around it but I’m too lazy to go through the hassle. Luckily for me I started using Spotify to a large extent and so I depended less on iTunes but still on an Apple device iTunes is worlds better then on Windows, for one thing it works. tile cleaner In Singapore



What I really think which is better in which:


  • Graphical Items
  • Doesn’t Crash As Much, And Yes It Does Crash Under My Abuse
  • Very Smooth Interface, Very Nice Design Of Their Machines


  • Network Management
  • Larger Software Compatibility
  • More Games, Alot More Games
  • Larger Variety of Manufacturers to Choose From

I haven’t really jumped into any video editing yet so I can’t compare between the machines, but most probably I will be trying it out on the Mac for sure. If you ask me which do I use more I would say its 70% Windows 30% Apple, and for work I can only use Windows. Apple can be used in Advertising or Media companies but everything else its Windows, too many work applications just aren’t compatible with Macs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Akbar

    Apple crashes, Now that would be an interesting thread. Would be cool if you could list out your abuse to the Mac that caused the cause and even time the duration of abuse from run time to crash.

    Apple has indeed come a long way and have been a pioneer. What was intersting to know is that now MBP runs Windows effortlessly now. something that was not a bed of roses before! You should atleast try a dual boot on it ;-)

  2. @Akbar -Don’t need to dual boot the iMac and for work I’m using an HP laptop so I’m fine with that! It took about two weeks of nonstop use, plus I was using it at an encoder to distribute media across my network which is heavy work and not normal. Other then the normal media, 50+ tabs open and more! That led to it crashing but that happens very rarely but it does! lol

  3. BiG N

    Hi Marzouq ,

    have you ever tried CyanogenMod on your android’s phones?

  4. @BiG N -I did a while back, they do some decent builds for mainstream phones! It’s just slightly different then the normal experience!

  5. G-Funk

    You finally came out of your shell?! :-) Hate to say that I’ve told you so!

    For the things you’ve described about macs not good for work! I only use my mac for work! And almost everything I need is available on a mac & it’s Ten times better than it is on windows! Plus! You can run parallels to have Windows(if you cannot live without it) Linux plus OSX all at the same time ! Share & drag & drop files between them effortlessly !

    You said that you have your mac crashed when you had it running as a media server? I have a mac media server running all of my media throughout my network & it never crashed once ! I run MKV files , HD movies ! Live encoding & file transfers ! I don’t know what type of abuse you talking about? You Could be running it on a mac Mini with 4GB of ram or less!?

    And network management cannot be easier on a mac! Just run terminal & you are in control! You can do almost anything there!

    I don’t blame you being a newbe on a mac! & for someone just coming out of a windows world.. It figures :-)

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