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I always like to grill steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and all other kinds of meats, its something that I love doing and especially since a few specialty places opened up in Kuwait. Grilling is an art form, and I know everyone loves ordering their meat well done but thats so wrong, you don’t get the taste of the steak or burger, and sometimes in Kuwait they burn it so it drives me nuts. So I prefer to cook my own when I can, and if I can’t then I go to either OFK or Meat Co because they are the only ones that get it right every time. But if your like me and want to grill at home, then these are your choices for meat supplier, each one has their own taste and some are better then the other but I can’t just can’t get enough of the grill so I will always keep trying to grill whenever I can.

Specialty Places (Ranked Top To Bottom):

  • PrimeCuts – Best Steaks Available from Every Cut you can think of, my favorite is the Rib Eye Wagyu 200 Gram, and the burgers are really good, they come in any size, you can have the Wagyu or the normal, but I prefer the normal because its juicier.
  • Fuddruckers – They only have burgers and their burgers are very juicy when cooked right, and their bread is out of this world. It’s a matter of prefrence but I prefer PC burger over Fudz.
  • RareCuts – I recently saw them and wanted to try them out, their steaks aren’t bad but aren’t as good as PrimeCuts for some reason, I don’t know why even though I tried different steaks, PC was better. The burger I had from them was too salty, and strangely chewy, and I cooked two burger differently but they just didn’t get the right consistency for my taste.

Super Markets

  • Lulu Hypermarket & Sultan Center – Before the specialty spots opened these were the burger sources for decent burgers and their burgers are still good, as long as you order burger meat with about 20% fat 80% lean so you can get a juicy burger when on the grill. When ever we are in need and nobody can provide these guys always seem to get it right. And my supply for lamb chops is always from Sultan Center, they always have the New Zealand Lamb Chops in stock and they are the perfect choice for the grill.

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. Dave

      I like to cook my own also. It alway seems like it tastes better that way. Most likley beacuse I put the time into to do it the way I like it and to make sure it comes out perfectly. If I don’t cook my own burgers, I like elevation and shake shack burgers in that order. Not sure how they compare to Open flame and Meat company…

    2. Abdulla Al-Adsani

      I make and cook my own burgers, I buy the meat that I want and let them grind it on spot. I used to BBQ them but now Cast Iron is the only way to go for me. Medium rare will always give the best flavor, I also only season with salt and pepper to allow meat flavor to shine. I never ever buy anything labeled “meat burger” cus its a mix of everything and its hard to know from which part it take from.

    3. @Dave – Elevation is good and shake shack is good but a oily for me, OFK gets it right, and Meat Co does really well with the steaks honestly! But like you said cooking your own and taking the time is always the perfect way to go!

      @Abdulla Al-Adsani – I sometimes make my own burgers, but I have to say some of these places use quality meat, and for me PrimeCuts does a very good job of that! Cast Iron is good, but for me the grill is different, especially when you use induction cooking, you can really cook the meat right through and Medium Rare is the only way to get the perfect taste!

    4. Great post. Me and my brother were talking abt this just yesterday. I’m sure he’ll love the link.

      Anyways, the main problem for me with grilling steaks is cooking it. I love charcoal, but I don’t always get it right.

      Yeah, definitely a great post. Especially when we’re fasting. I predict BBQ weekend for all tonight ;)

    5. @Buzfairy – Thanks! I usually use a gas grill, much easier to get the steaks right, on a charcoal grill its tough to cook it the right way all the way through! I love bbqing even if it makes me thirsty the next day!

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