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I got my hands on the Fasttelco Aloo service a few weeks back now and its turned out to be much better then expected. The Aloo service is an ISDN service based in Kuwait from Fasttelco, you can have a local land line number attached as SIP line to any SIP capable App like Media 5, Bria, or Zoiper. The local lines start with 2220XXXX, these are the regular lines. It works great across 4G & 3G while driving, didn’t disconnect at all.

You get different different choices of lines:

  • Normal Line 70 KWD
  • Silver Line 120 KWD
  • Gold Line 200 KWD
  • Platinum Line 500 KWD
  • Diamond Line 1000 KWD
  • Royal Line 5000 KWD

This is a one time payment for those lines above, then its 60 KWD a year for the service. The yearly service rate is a reasonable rate compared to what you can do with the line. I purchased a Gold Line for a number that is easy to dial and remember. I plugged the line directly into the Android internet calling, it would ask if the call is through the internet or through the phone line, when I choose internet it uses my FT Aloo line which works perfectly. We tried it on two phones but only one could be used.

The best use of this phone is when you travel, it doesn’t matter what line you have on your phone as long as you have data. So when I’m abroad I can divert my Kuwaiti line to the FT Aloo line and it will ring where ever I am as long as I have data in the country that I am in. One point though, even if it doesn’t connect the line will still ring and miss you service from Zain won’t show the line that called you because it was diverted. Still the ability to use this line abroad is fantastic and well worth it.

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  1. bofahad

    Im wondering how does it compared to qualitynet Qcall. Have you tried both

  2. bofahad

    Also what do you think is better android native sip support or apps like media 5

  3. @bofahad – I honestly haven’t tried QCall so I wouldn’t be able to answer that. But as for the native App, it works smoothly and integrated the only annoyance is when calling out it asks every time if you want to use the “Internet Line” or “Phone Line”, but I prefer it over the App. Especially when receiving the call.

  4. Bofahad

    Zouq in my stock rom ive got the option:
    “use internet calling for all calls when data network is available” its under internet call settings. I guess that will solve your issue.


  5. @Bofahad – Much appreciated, but thats the thing I don’t want it using internet calling by default, thats what happens with that option!

  6. Marcopolo

    I might as well use Viber or Tango since it does need a data plan anyway, can’t see the point of this service.

  7. @Marcopolo – Honestly if you want a fixed line that people can call at anytime where ever you are, its the best solution. With Tango & Viber you don’t have that facility, you can’t divert your mobile to it, its just a different way of using it.

  8. Amanco

    I am studying abroad, I am thinking to subscribe to Qcall since I am a customer with qualitynet. I am thinking to divert my calls from my Kuwaiti number (Zain) to the service. Do you know if it worth it? i.e. does zain charge per each diversion or is there a flat fee per month?

    Thanks for the article.

  9. Aziz


    I tried both. and seriously, Aloo is way much mature. at least they have their own application and infrastructure, mean while, Qcall does rely on Media5 application.

    There are a lot of differences specially when it gets to the reliability, In addition, Aloo does offer a renewal portal, which you need it specially when you are traveling abroad.

    good luck

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