Batman & Superman – Ben Afleck.. Really?


Batman under Christoper Nolan & Christian Bale became an epic story of Batman, the true Dark Knight. It reached beyond the comic fans and across the globe, there is no one that didn’t love Batman over the past 8 years. Zach Snyder’s Superman was also a deep Superman movie, and I really like how he was portrayed in it by Henry Cavill. So the up coming mash up of Batman & Superman was extremely exciting news, and I was hoping Christian Bale would reprise his role as Batman, as I can’t picture anyone else doing it.

Now the shocking news that Ben Afleck is going to be the next Batman is nothing short of revolting, I got a gag reflex when I heard it, on the verge of throwing up from my disgust of him. He is an actor of his own right but NOT a superhero, doesn’t anyone remember Daredevil? I love comic movies and this I tried to love but to no avail, I was just utterly disappointed by it. I just really hope most of us comic fans are proved wrong and Ben Afleck does right by The Dark Knight.


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  1. Banzin

    Oh!! remember when he said they he would NEVER play in a superhero movie after Daredevil ?! what gives?!

  2. jes

    mayb he could pull a ‘daniel craig’ on this new role.

  3. You never know hehe maybe after they see the world’s reaction to this bit of news they’ll go back in their decision and put someone who can actually act like a superhero!

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