Kuwait Tunneling Issues Towards Foreigners


Over the last couple of years Kuwait has been an area of people unrest because of social issues, so now this year they have diverted people’s attention to foreigners. That they are the cause of many of the issues, and the masses believe anything at this point which is very sad.

Foreigners have been in Kuwait as a country since we declared our independence in 1961 and before that, but now after so long they are trying to make it even more difficult for foreigners to live in this country. There is a large part of foreigners who want to work in Kuwait and make money to send it home, but there are many more who want to live in Kuwait and make it their home. We are making it more intolerable for everyone who is trying to make a living here.

Out of all the foreigners that I work with and that I know many of them have grown up here and only know Kuwait, and they honestly love Kuwait. They have been here since they were kids and can’t picture themselves living anywhere else. People who are investors in this country who have made their wealth in this country who have been here for most of their lives, and now their kids have grown up but at 18 years old they can’t get a license since they are foreigners, even though they have been living here all of their lives.

Foreigners in Kuwait are now feeling that they might not have any future here, that they have to find a place for their children, they will work here until they can’t. Instead of trying to convince them to invest in our country and to keep their money in the country they are sending it out as fast as possible, their lives are getting tougher and the public servants are getting ruder, and I didn’t think that was possible. I hope things get better soon because over the last 9 months things went from bad to worse in the Ministry of Social Affairs and other government entities as well.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sabah

    I’m amongst those who have lived here most of their lives, apart from when I out for higher education. Love the place and consider it like home.

    Personally I haven’t really experienced the negativity so far (touch wood) however, a lot is apparently going on in addition to all sorts of daily rumors. I agree, it’s very unsettling and I wonder if it’s time to move on.

  2. Uglykid

    I was born and raised here in Kuwait, I love the country but I don’t area future for me here, it is so difficult to do so many things for a daily life especially when you’re in a wheelchair. I feel I’m more loyal to Kuwait than my own country, but the difficulties I’ve been through makes me sometimes feel I’m very unwelcome to stay. I really don’t mean to offend anyone but it is how I feel.

  3. S

    My grandfather came to Kuwait in 1942 on a ship that sailed for 23 days. My Mother was born in Kuwait. I was born in Kuwait. And my son was born in Kuwait!

    With everything being targeted towards us, I do not see a bright future for foreigners in this country. Although I love this country and consider it home, I will eventually have to leave.

  4. Dear Mr. Marzouq,
    I didn’t read any blogger writing about Kuwaiti citizens suffering in their own country and not being able to afford a home of their own and the government is squeezing the hell out of their income which makes them barely capable of paying the rent. Foreigners can work in multiple jobs on the other hand Kuwaitis only work in one job as working in another is illegal? Most foreigners have medical insurance but Kuwaiti employees in the government don’t have any kind of medical insurance. In addition most foreigners get a salary that include their rental fees and a car. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself this question there are kuwaitis who have been in Kuwait for hundreds of years and can’t afford a good living because the country doesn’t acknowledge their basic needs, why? You can afford a good living mashallah and I am knocking on wood but other Kuwaitis can’t afford a tire from one of your multiple bikes and I am not talking about Bedon I am talking about real Kuwaitis.

    Kind regards


    My family has been in Kuwait for four generations now ,3 generations being born here, yet there is a feeling foreigners are unwelcome here anymore

  6. Sunny

    Dear Mr. t7l6om,

    let me try to clear Up Some Misconceptions about you have about foreigners..

    1. Foreigners are not allowed to work for anyone else other than the sponsor company, it is against the law and if caught he/she will be deported.

    2. most Foreigners don’t get health insurance as you think, the health insurance which each expat is forced to take during renewal of residency is just a plastic card. You have to pay KD 2/- on your each visit to the clinic or hospital and this insurance doesn’t cover private hospitals.

    3. MOST foreigners don’t get salary that includes rent and car, it is given to top ranking posts mostly, I used to get rent allowance along with salary and my salary was KD 200/- (150+50 rent allowance) can you call that as rent allowance.

    We are not denying that there are poor Kuwaitis too… but still you can treat as a normal human being

  7. Dear Mr/Miss Sunny,
    Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it. I have a simple question for you and I wish you would be very honest when you answer it please. My question is this if god forbids and Kuwait is gone and Kuwaitis had to be immigrants scattered around many countries would the countries of those expats who used to live here treat us fair? for example if I am a doctor and I immigrated to Lebanon would I get the same salary doctors over there get or would I be mopping floors somewhere? or an engineer would work as an engineer or would he be emptying trash bins?

    I don’t have anything against expats but expats here are 2 times more than the citizens don’t you believe that effect the country resources and services such as medical and education? I don’t blame expats for those issues and I point the finger at Kuwaiti authorities who have the power to change things to the better but kept their arms folded all these years giving nothing back to the people. In conclusion since the services here are below the norm and citizens are being mistreated in many ways expats have to go through the same thing since we live under the same government and authority. Last but not least, I don’t think anyone is capable of living with a KD 200 per month unless that person starve themselves to death and if so wouldn’t it be easier for you if you just left this rotten place?

    Kind regards,

  8. Dear editors
    There is a large numbers of Kuwaiti families that
    Can’t stand the cost of living in Kuwait . And thousand
    Who will be dead before they will touch their own home
    Givin by the authority of Residential Care of Kuwat.
    Do yourself a favour by compare a family man
    Government salary and the monthly rent amount
    To get the true.

  9. Sunny

    @ t7l6om

    First of all I am Mr…

    Second yes you will be treated fairly as per your qualification in my country and in most European and American countries, I can’t comment about the arab countries as i don’t have much experience other than Kuwait and a week’s experience in UAE

    Third are we responsible for the increase in number of expats, some Kuwaiti creates a fake company and gets expats to Kuwait, tell me can a expat come without a sponsor NO, in this case it is the responsibility of MSAL who issued all those visas

    Fourth go out in public and talk with them you will be surprised to listen to the salaries most expats earn (a cleaner in the road gets KD60/-, a nurse under third party contract with MoH gets KD 250/-, a secretary in all those small companies gets between KD 140 – KD 350) and is it not so easy to just go back to one’s own country as you think, many has taken huge sum as loans to come to Kuwait by mortgaging the ONLY property they have etc etc.

    just to decrease the expats population don’t just kick them out for petty reasons like traffic offence, even though the expat was not responsible for the increase in population it was the national who issued visas by charging huge amounts

    Last but not the Least, Its your country its your rules, nobody is denying that.

    Let me make one request to you take a break sometime and interact with expat population

  10. @ Sunny

    First of all Before you came here you should have asked if your sponsor was a dignified person or not this is life sometimes you have friends that turn out to be not as good as you expected.

    Second, I work in a place where most expats are consultants and those consultants delay our work and cost the government millions because most of them don’t respect the country they are working in and easily sell their conscious, of course there are citizens here who market those sick thoughts to them but if those expats are worthy of a good living and a fair one they should declined doing so. Add to that where I work there are a couple of expats who make a checklist of what and each Kuwaiti employee do (for example they went to the bathroom, they bought coffee…etc) these people come to Kuwait to work or to snitch? back home they don’t have any kind of safety and anyone can enter their homes and this is how they pay us back?
    I used to work with an expat from an arabic country in one of the private sector companies and considered him as a friend he asked me to bail him out for stealing the phone of one of the poor Indian staff in that company. Not all are criminals but the some I came across are people who are willing to sell anything and anyone for money don’t you see those people as threat to you and even me?

    Last but not least, I am against the way force is used to kick expats out they did something wrong during certain years show them those mistakes with solid proof and give them a final warning but if you think most expats are angels I would disagree and since most citizens here are douchebags no wonder some expats don’t respect the law.

    If you wanna take a tour one day with me at the Council of Ministers and see how poor some Kuwaitis are then and only then you would know that this country is based on unfairness and even citizens are struggling so let the officials here solve that problem first and then let them solve yours which is the most logical thing I can think of.


  11. Chrissy

    I as a foreigner can vouch for that.

    To the dude above that said foreigners can have part time jobs but kuwaitis can’t. In what bubble are you living in ?! If I get caugh working in a company other than the one I have my residency on, I’ll get immediate deportation. And no offence, but the private sector pays shit, compared to the living expenses here, food, rent, etc..

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