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I have been a huge fan of comics since the early 90s, but getting comics in the Middle East is nearly impossible. I have always been a huge fan of Green Lantern, a hero with his only real limit is his imagination, I would always want to be the Green Lantern over any other superhero. And thanks to the introduction of the iPad it has become a relief to all comic lovers across the world, quick access to every comic made and that is being made. And one thing made easier I can keep track of the storylines at this stage. As for the Green Lantern, they have had a very active 3 years building up the Green Lantern Universe and leading this was Geoff Johns. So many colorful characters and now they have reached 4 Green Lanterns for Sector 2814 (Earth for the Non-GL Fans). Below is a short list of story arcs that you have to read from the Rebirth and ended with the Wrath of the First Lantern. I don’t want to ruin for anyone reading, but if you are even slightly into comics, these are a must read for the Green Lantern. With the end of the Epic build up of the Series, Geoff Johns has ended his career on a high after 10 years at the helm of the GL universe. Still I’m going to keep reading the Green Lantern because there is still so much to tell, I just hope its as good as it was for the past three years, with so many new characters they still have a lot of stories to tell.


Green Lantern Universe:

  • Rebirth
  • Sinestro Wars
  • Secret Origins
  • Rage Of The Red Lanterns
  • Agent Orange
  • Blackest Night
  • Brightest Day
  • War Of The Green Lanterns
  • Sinestro
  • Revenge Of The Black Hand
  • Rise Of The Third Army
  • Wrath Of The First Lantern


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  1. Deadlybite

    I’ve read Johns’ entire run up to the DC New 52. And honestly, the Green Lantern universe has the potential to be the greatest Sci Fi franchise across all mediums. Reaching, if not surpassing, Star Wars status.

    But too bad the last film was so unlike the comics. They failed to translate the tone of the books, and ended up with a generic superhero movie, instead of a classic space opera. I hope they try again soon, maybe with Guy Gardner this time.

  2. @Deadlybite -I agree with you 100%! The potential of the Green Lantern Universe is boundless, its not stuck on one character and as you said they failed to translate the tone of the Green Lantern Universe to the movie screen and if they did it again Guy Gardner would be a much more charismatic character.

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