The story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.


You could tell these guys wanted this movie, they wanted to make it, Steve Jobs is just that much of a legend that people wanted to get his story across, especially Ashton Kutcher. The similarity between him and Steve Jobs is uncanny, its honestly frightening how similar he looked. But even with all the things they tried to get right as Steve Jobs grew from being in College and rejoining Apple at the later stage the story felt like it was missing. For most people they would enjoy the movie, but a lot of us are very familiar with history of Apple for the past 10 years and reading a few books after his passing brought more of his story to light. This movie didn’t do him justice as Steve Jobs more of the story or a different part of it could have been told to bring it across better.

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  1. I would’ve rated it even lower, one thing that was the issue for me with this version of the movie is that it was disconnected from the rest of the story. You saw earlier scenes from his life and it’s like they had a check list, Steve in College (check), Steve debating his life (check), Steve getting high in India (check), and so forth. Another issue was the fact that they showcased only Steve and no one else, it’s like a one-man show and he was the only star (everyone else was insignificant) which is untrue. At the same time he began Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer began Microsoft so it’s just insane.

    A great Steve Jobs movie is one that was made in 1999 and made for TV “Pirates of Silicon Valley” if you haven’t watched it, do watch it because that low-budget movie captured a lot of truth that this movie showcased as just plain lameness.

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