Subway Chicken – Don’t Know…


Subway is usually my choice for a quick sandwich which isn’t too heavy and keeps me somewhat satisfied. Recently I have had a few of the Chicken & Turkey sandwiches which tasted slightly strange, it tasted like fish. Then again it tasted “fishy” again, and I put the sandwich down and didn’t continue it. It was a disappointment in my case, there was no food poisoning or matter like this but the taste really threw me off. I haven’t had Subway in 5 days which is unheard of for me since I usually have a 6-inch sub almost every day at the office but at this stage that will be coming to a stop since I could really smell fish on the chicken.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Subways new chickafish… smells like fish but tastes like chicken… #onlyinkuwait

  2. I don’t like Subway at all, I had stopped looking for sub places to eat in Kuwait. Then Quiznos opened a couple of years back, and it is delicious. Their bread is better, their sandwiches are fresher, and they have a very different and delicious collection of sauces. It’s not as popular as Subway, but they do have 2 branches in Kuwait: Salmiya and Qurtuba. Try them out, you might like the.

  3. Ahmed

    When chicken smells like fish it means that its gone bad and you should NOT consume!!

  4. subway to me is tasammom!! i hate it! dirty

  5. lol at you

    “and I put the sandwich down and didn’t continue it”
    يابوووووووي على انجليزيتك .. مادري شحقة البلوقرز يتفلسفون ويكتبون انجليزي
    البلوج مساحة للتعبير عن النفس كتبوا بلغتكم ولا متفشلين من العربية ؟؟

  6. @ lol at you

    بما انك فيلسوف زمانك فاكرمنا بالإنشاء الصحيح و طالما ان البلوج مساحه للتعبير عن النفس فيحق للشخص أن يعبر بأي لغه يشاء حتى وإن كان لديه أخطاء لغوية. ….والكمال لله سبحانه

    ملاحظه :- كلمة البلوج لا تمت للعربية بصله فإنكم تناقضون نفسكم

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